I Convinced Philza His Wife Isn’t Real...

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Today TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot speak to the Real Life Wife of Philza Minecraft on Dream's Mineraft Server. This was insane.
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Today I played Vanilla Minecraft 1.15 / 1.16 but it was me convincng Philza (friend of Dream I think) and Wilbur Soot (from the hit video I met Wilbur Soot in real life... ) that his Wife is not real!. I Spoke To Philza's Wife (similarly to the time I Spoke To Dream's Sister and) it was so much fun and we had lots of laughs, I love being me POG CHAMP!!! Awesome
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me convincing Philza his WIFE isn't REAL! LOL!!!! POGCHAMP!!!!


  1. Just a mindless Idiot
    Just a mindless Idiot
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    How to make a wife spawner: Step 1: type; /give @s Command_block_Repeating Step 2: type in the command block; /summon minecraft:cow Step 3: Set the command block redstone to always active There you have it: A wife spawner

  2. Jackson Edmonston
    Jackson Edmonston
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    Is will good

  3. Adam Hurley
    Adam Hurley
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    When Phil was 16 Tommy was even more of a child, a BABY

  4. Mohar Ruby
    Mohar Ruby
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    Saturday Sunday Monday mmmmm Wednesday Thursday Friday : me : dieing of laugher

  5. Carter Crow
    Carter Crow
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    "Meet a wife on Reddit!" - Phil Next thing you see on Reddit: r/meetawife

  6. TheWholesomeCorner
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    “I’m half a stack years old” is the only correct way to describe his age

  7. fucking satan
    fucking satan
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    I've volunteered so many times but nooo

  8. Trinity Perez
    Trinity Perez
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    But sometimes you use shears and you store the grass in a chest and it takes up that little space that causes pain 🥲🥲🥲

  9. Boss Man
    Boss Man
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    4:55 “Now go make me a sandwich” - DanTDM

  10. Dont go to my channel
    Dont go to my channel
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    Tommyinnit isnt annoying and people get used to it.. just watch his vids for 2 or 3 days and u wont get amnoyed anymore *Also dont read my profile pic*

  11. Max m
    Max m
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    Wilbur: you're insufferable. Me: laughing me fricking head off

  12. Emotive
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    LMAO i was laughing through the whole thing

  13. YassyTube
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    *b e e f t h e i f*

  14. Pip
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    I... love Kristen so much sfghkfsjhsdfh

  15. LeeeBK
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    But why is he destroying the statue bad build for him?

  16. lol haul
    lol haul
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    When I first saw u I thought you were funny

  17. Michael Montalto
    Michael Montalto
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    The spotless goat decisively brush because wallet advisably instruct apropos a clear jet. moaning, imminent venezuela

  18. Jamie Zappe
    Jamie Zappe
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    12:14 applause to wilbur for coming up with a reason that quickly when tommy asked him why

  19. Deadly Jaws
    Deadly Jaws
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    “Sorry wife I gotta go fight crime for a second.” - probably what was said before the great chase

  20. Kunoichi1202
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  21. Yikuno San
    Yikuno San
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    Ayyyyyy 5 Million

  22. Gina Parsons
    Gina Parsons
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  23. FlashyYT
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    Tommy innit love or host only 60 year old women aloud lol

  24. ann2.0 o
    ann2.0 o
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  25. Lily Isenegger
    Lily Isenegger
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    My parents are divorced. :( it’s ish.

  26. Sas
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    6:06 if you want to hear tommy rolling R You're welcome

  27. Sigge Nyman
    Sigge Nyman
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  28. StarGazer Fox
    StarGazer Fox
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    Phill: I sprinted at a theft My brain: Philza Minecraft is so brave, he’s the bravest man I’ve ever met

  29. Åsthečic Łøbïto
    Åsthečic Łøbïto
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    I hate tik tok to is boring

  30. Sarah Sevak
    Sarah Sevak
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    kristen seems so nice omg

    1. Sarah Sevak
      Sarah Sevak
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      @Big papa 69 bonjour lmaoo

    2. Big papa 69
      Big papa 69
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      @Sarah Sevak hey lol

    3. Sarah Sevak
      Sarah Sevak
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      @Big papa 69 hi lol

    4. Big papa 69
      Big papa 69
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  31. ponix
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    “I convinced Philza his wife isn’t real” I wish I had that power

  32. Amigo
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    How to build an AFK wife farm: Recommended for you

  33. Layla Mcsorley
    Layla Mcsorley
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    Fuck tiktok

  34. Mandie Wesbecker
    Mandie Wesbecker
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    I thought it was a joke until he starts thinking how to

  35. Elliot Burlind
    Elliot Burlind
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    12:35 I LAUGHED AF THERE🤣🤣

  36. Peppermintpuppy07
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    this is one of the things that I'm not supposed to find funny. do I find it funny? yes, very much.

  37. •Äłëxä ťhë wøłf•
    •Äłëxä ťhë wøłf•
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    I like how he laughs and the intro plays-

  38. Nayelli Vomvolakis
    Nayelli Vomvolakis
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    if she doesn't go away, just get the lawnmower!

  39. Winterdusk
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    *me who has gotten the best friends i could ever ask for on tiktok-* I- uh.. Its not impossible-

  40. Cofn Blaze
    Cofn Blaze
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    Bro sorry wife I needa go fight crime omg that’s great lol

  41. Ashen
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    wife haver (derogatory)

  42. Not Clickbait
    Not Clickbait
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    Lick and subscrib for tommy to make an onlyfans account

  43. Sirius Blacki
    Sirius Blacki
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    U are annoying but i love your Videos

  44. Landon Jansen
    Landon Jansen
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    BRUH, I swear this channel has almost games 5 mil in 4 months, that's fast.

  45. Bobrey Jeffer
    Bobrey Jeffer
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    i can never tell if hes joking or just being stupid...

  46. I’m_a_human_trashcan
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    He’s not annoying he’s adorable (not in a weird way) 🥺🥺😂😂

  47. NootNoot 2.0
    NootNoot 2.0
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    "Wives are like grass" "Why is that?" "Well, they grow and they grow and they grow" "And sometimes you got to cut them down" "*AND SOMETIMES THEY BURST*"

  48. sharkloser 251
    sharkloser 251
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    funny how i have a gf but tommy dosen't and i am a year younger then him

  49. Blake Friedrich
    Blake Friedrich
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    Wilbur:"ill meet u on saturday" also wilbur: "ok which one" IM DEADD 💀💀

  50. gamer epic
    gamer epic
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    funy child

  51. King Grogu
    King Grogu
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  52. P̷u̷m̷k̷i̷n̷ ̷C̷r̷e̷a̷m̷ :͓̽3͓̽
    P̷u̷m̷k̷i̷n̷ ̷C̷r̷e̷a̷m̷ :͓̽3͓̽
    17 שעות לפני

    Tommy: 32? thats double my age Me: no.. no.... not really your 16 not 17

    1. Jenine Van 't Wout
      Jenine Van 't Wout
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      What?? 16×2 is 32

  53. Samuel Arana
    Samuel Arana
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    Tommy is in the state of searching on google *how to get married on reddit*

  54. McKenzie Hutson
    McKenzie Hutson
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    “I am half a stack years old” THIS JOKE IS SO UNDERRATED

    1. McKenzie Hutson
      McKenzie Hutson
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    2. Jenine Van 't Wout
      Jenine Van 't Wout
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      It's literally top comment

  55. Samuel Arana
    Samuel Arana
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    tommy's not getting a girlfriend any time soon

  56. XD JJ
    XD JJ
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    “ Just killed a woman feeling good” well this explains a lot..

  57. J Save556
    J Save556
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    Remember Tommy thatveganteacher said she'll find you a nice vegan girl 😂😂

  58. darksiege_
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    ur the reason i still do online school lmao

  59. Mallow The Mystery
    Mallow The Mystery
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    The tiktok comment made me start laughing. I met my partner on Tiktok and we have been in a healthy and happy relationship for 1 year and a half as well as having talked about possible marriage after one year.

    18 שעות לפני

    i met my ex on tiktok we broke up tho because he a cheater

  61. REAPER
    18 שעות לפני

    is it just me or does wilbur sound like he's losing his voice?

    1. Jenine Van 't Wout
      Jenine Van 't Wout
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      Its the ghostbur voice

  62. Dorito Crum
    Dorito Crum
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    When Tommy was in the womb Phill was in college now tommyinnit is in college Phill just the older version of tommy

  63. TGdropzone
    19 שעות לפני

    who els name is tommy and tommy da bes

  64. Aarav Rao
    Aarav Rao
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    Tommy? Annoying? Not for me. I can relate to you.

  65. Youdontknowme xx
    Youdontknowme xx
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    When you realise Phil is double Tommy’s age

  66. Lettuce
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    The old man has been brainwashed

  67. Stevin 8B
    Stevin 8B
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    alternate title : tommy trying to be nasa

  68. spires biggest fan
    spires biggest fan
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    i started this month and the first time i saw you i was like yep yep

  69. EImChan
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    he sound like 16 to me

  70. Deaths Child
    Deaths Child
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    Hey Tommy you wont see this but when i first started watching you, you didnt annoy me at all instead you made me laugh. laugh enough for my parents to question if im ok

  71. Sketch -y
    Sketch -y
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    My friend's mother gave birth to her at age 15....👁️👄👁️

  72. xxx Mika xxx
    xxx Mika xxx
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    Me: c'mon i just moved on from all of the depression, heartache ,and all of that damn shit! Now its coming back...damn. Depression: Hi i missed you my dear i know you will not forget me😈😈😈 Heartache: Hey dude im just chilling here then *depression* called me so😈😈😈 Me: ThE fUcK🙂

  73. I Don't Know Why
    I Don't Know Why
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    I am literally only subscribed because he is annoying

  74. Luca The Bazooka
    Luca The Bazooka
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    Tommy: I hate TikTok His 30000000000 fans that make TikToks abt him every day: :((

  75. Jacob Lalduhsaka
    Jacob Lalduhsaka
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    Please dont use bad words

  76. ayn pontiam
    ayn pontiam
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    "if i WAPped hard enough, i could get a girl" 4:30

  77. Foxy_not_found 1
    Foxy_not_found 1
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    Tommy just called woman objects secretly...he said..SIMPLY JUST MARRY AN OBJECT! 💔🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💔💔🦊💔😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😱😱😱

  78. Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez
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    יום לפני

    What's up with will's voice??

  80. Julie Winchester
    Julie Winchester
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    Tommyinnit trying to speedrun marriage over here

  81. Muffin top
    Muffin top
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    Did anybody notice once ghostbur entered the call tommy called him Wilber

  82. Gacha lucy HeARt
    Gacha lucy HeARt
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    Tommy is always and ever be single lolll no wwwivess

  83. gaming with knight
    gaming with knight
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    U should have said " How do I speedrun wife's? "

  84. MicroCyan
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    4 months later after the vid is made. U have a tiktok

  85. Tobi
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    I wish they said this “If my wife didn’t cheat on a math test then she wouldn’t cheat on me making her have an A plus” “She got a C plus explain that.”

  86. Christopher Lederman
    Christopher Lederman
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    Kristin And Philza really feel like Parents

  87. fanboy max
    fanboy max
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    “how do i farm a wife?” first you have to bury the seeds in the soil, and wait for them to grow for approximately 5 minutes then you stick your hand in the soil and yank it out of the ground and BOOM you’re married.

  88. Minegamerepokediger1 Go to flamingo fan group
    Minegamerepokediger1 Go to flamingo fan group
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  89. Luigi the Toad
    Luigi the Toad
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    Noted stare at tommy

  90. Dianna Keith
    Dianna Keith
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    So I'm a girl but if I get a wife.... *That would be so confusing if we went by what you said* 😂

  91. Heavy Is Cat
    Heavy Is Cat
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    Cmon give this man a wife

  92. Kira Takashi
    Kira Takashi
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    Send help I can't breath 😂

    יום לפני


  94. john Rodriguez
    john Rodriguez
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    You are funny

  95. Zyni_
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    speedrun marriage lol

  96. rene bruh
    rene bruh
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    they went from no more wives to 11saterdays

  97. Matylda N
    Matylda N
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    tommy just absolutely trolling philza and phil finding it so wholesomely funny is absolutely adorable

  98. naruto uchiha
    naruto uchiha
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  99. Lolli Lily
    Lolli Lily
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    Lol wtf. YOU CANT JUST FARM A WAMENS DUDE WE GURLS ARE NOT FARMED YOU ARE CRAZY...but you are rly funny af sooo

  100. Jack Brannan
    Jack Brannan
    יום לפני

    I mean, yeah you would try and do that