I Bought My First Hypercar!

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I love manufacturers who aren’t afraid to go all out and create something this bad ass. This S1 by @ARES DESIGN MODENA looks like a concept car, but it isn’t. It is going in to production now and will be delivered within the year. I am stoked to be the very first person to receive their S1. Only 24 will be made. Let me show you around the car and tell you why I decided to buy it. xo Alex
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  1. Supercar Blondie
    Supercar Blondie
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    What colour should I order my S1 in??? Need your ideas Fam xx

    1. Ric Ky
      Ric Ky
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      With Dubai's heat white is the best colour then cream or silver, they reflect / don't absorb heat as much as black or other darker colours.

    2. Harmony mampuru
      Harmony mampuru
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    3. Olorunjumilo
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      Black and white

    4. Andy Jake
      Andy Jake
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      Black with blue floral

    5. Alpha FuRYツ
      Alpha FuRYツ
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      a sky blueish carbon fiber colour with white interiors😀

  2. Nikh Passa
    Nikh Passa
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    You so blessed. I won't even be able to afford to buy its side mirrors.

  3. Kent Azaha
    Kent Azaha
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    I don't know what colour available.. If any available.. I'm prefer an orange and black exteriorly and white interiorly...

  4. M S
    M S
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    Tan/dirty blonde color. Nothing more fitting for blondie

  5. almarjyou
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    Red, true red, sould red, makes the shape really noticeable if you ask me.

  6. almarjyou
    5 שעות לפני

    Wow! God bless you.

  7. wikedwun
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    Red or yellow

  8. Dorn's Garden and Kitchen
    Dorn's Garden and Kitchen
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    Or matte purple and and white ineteroir

  9. Dorn's Garden and Kitchen
    Dorn's Garden and Kitchen
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    Chrome sliver

  10. Itsme Yepitsme
    Itsme Yepitsme
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    Porshe 918 exhaust chiron lights pagani mirrors ford gt bonet maclaren doors?? Nice tho

  11. legendmusic
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    Does anyone else also almost only listen to rock music like Metallica/Delta Parole/Oasis when they drive? Whats you guys favourites?

  12. arjun gowda
    arjun gowda
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    Love the size !!!!

  13. Mason Moore
    Mason Moore
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    white with carbon fiber

  14. Austin Josefczyk
    Austin Josefczyk
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    Yellow exterior, black interior with orange accents

  15. Gnax Frill
    Gnax Frill
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    How does it handle, traction, acc etc. I'd like to know this :D

  16. Atulith Tatituri
    Atulith Tatituri
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    Order it in white

  17. crispy kaafhitaa
    crispy kaafhitaa
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    WANT IT 🙈🙈

  18. Syed Saad Sohail
    Syed Saad Sohail
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  19. Eko Firdianto
    Eko Firdianto
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    Grey glossy

  20. prannav w
    prannav w
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    The car looks fantastic! Body with torque blue and top grey! With brown interiors.

  21. Fred Corbin
    Fred Corbin
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    In my humble opinion I would have them design a really cool GT 3 Style Wing for the back :)

  22. Fred Corbin
    Fred Corbin
    11 שעות לפני

    Meridian Blue with Black Carbon Fibre accessories and Black Alcantarra with White Leather interior.

  23. techeverything
    11 שעות לפני

    I thought it's Pagani 😅

  24. A J A Y
    A J A Y
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    Congrats and its stunning look❤️

  25. Mudyシ
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    If all the hyper cars had a baby

  26. jurjiu Oliver
    jurjiu Oliver
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    I love the't car

  27. carol k.
    carol k.
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    It is better in white.

  28. Alex
    13 שעות לפני

    Honestly I think black would look amazing

  29. Joshua Montoya
    Joshua Montoya
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    didn’t even go inside, the windows are tinted so you can’t see inside. definitely another fake showcar 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  30. Mahek Mehta
    Mahek Mehta
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    1. Mahek Mehta
      Mahek Mehta
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      I like it

  31. Mahek Mehta
    Mahek Mehta
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  32. Peter Christian
    Peter Christian
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    A sexy, subdued grey on black would look mean. Get it girl!

  33. Hugo Boss
    Hugo Boss
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    Can you help me buy a car please!

  34. Mike De La Palma
    Mike De La Palma
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    Suzuki Laser Blue Pearl Metallic ZV3 it will make your S1 the Rarest S1 in the Whole World and Increase the value by another $200,000 trust me I had it before on a MB 190-E and nothing but Jaw dropping car attention from everyone that was within 500 yards. Im going to do a 2002 Ram1500 SRT-10 Clone in this Color again. Please tell your Husband to look into this Unique Exotic Rare paint from Suzuki. I Hope to hear a reply back from you guys. Thanks Mike.

  35. AngelRhose phalas
    AngelRhose phalas
    18 שעות לפני

    Wow😮😮😮😮😮wish to meet you and hug you..

  36. Shalu Shamil
    Shalu Shamil
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    What about a full black 🖤

  37. John AJD
    John AJD
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    S1 green colour

  38. Supratik Dutta
    Supratik Dutta
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    Get a Cyan color..would be incredibly nice.

  39. 1mezion
    21 שעה לפני

    I'm really proud and happy for you the headlights for some reason the headlights kinder remind me of the socket piece for the Guyver

  40. Chris Smith
    Chris Smith
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    I really want to like supercar blondie, I just feel like I have a bad taste in my mouth over the whole devil 16 thing, like is she just naive? Or was she in on the scam for views?

  41. Shawn Reed
    Shawn Reed
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    So it’s a Corvette with a body kit. Looks good don’t get me wrong. Which then theoretically you are calling the new Corvette a Hyper Car. Just trying to clarify. Congratulations though it is a beautiful automobile no doubt.

  42. Peyton Clariday
    Peyton Clariday
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  43. James Bonner
    James Bonner
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    you should do gold

  44. Bosingr
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    You & your S1 are perfectly color coordinated. You both look great in white. That center button console looks much better than the one in the Vette. Ares improved on that concept. They put more thought into it. Would be nice if Tadge Juechter could see it and think "THIS is the way our console Should Have looked."

  45. Jos Beeftink
    Jos Beeftink
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    Miami Bleu

  46. aroSiv ag
    aroSiv ag
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    Ofcourse cyan

  47. Khairil Kharizam
    Khairil Kharizam
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    Realy look great

  48. GD DuckGangsta
    GD DuckGangsta
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    ur now hypercar blondie

  49. Mayowa Peter
    Mayowa Peter
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    HAPPY for you ....❤️❤️💯✌️

  50. shahkjsn
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    Wow this is a piece of priceless art, beautiful!

  51. middlesbrough123
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    Wow well done , tease shmee with it 😎👍

  52. madpilot01
    יום לפני

    All a marketing gag. No videos about the car. And why can you sit side. Just like the Devel Sixteen.. All just consept fake mockery.. Why did you not start the car.. Sit inside.. Etc.. No single video about the car or company...

  53. James 22
    James 22
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    You would get more excitement watching people eating after not having a meal for a long time

    1. Yashad Gurude
      Yashad Gurude
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      ok and?

  54. James 22
    James 22
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    Lucky for you how many people could you feed for the price of that

  55. Lorraine Briggs
    Lorraine Briggs
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    *ONLY 18+* ➡️ MEETME.BABY ILhistory: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" ILhistory: BE GONE

  56. Vikram Hankare
    Vikram Hankare
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  57. Brayden goss
    Brayden goss
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    Matt black everyday of the weak

    יום לפני


  59. kaled awad
    kaled awad
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    Red with yellow striped tires

  60. amr afifi
    amr afifi
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    Most beutiful kiss to that special (CAR)😘👄🌷

  61. Abdalla Elsheikh
    Abdalla Elsheikh
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    Get it in blonde. Duh

  62. Andrea A
    Andrea A
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    I can't belive that she earns all that money, cause she talk about cars that other people make. What they deserve than?

    יום לפני

    Congratulations Alex mam

  64. Moblie Gang
    Moblie Gang
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    Ok thats jot a hyper car its a crazy car lol

  65. Kevin Donis
    Kevin Donis
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  66. Giusepppe Vassallo
    Giusepppe Vassallo
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  67. fortyfukinseven
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    paint: choose a color you like that goes well with bright green. paint every exterior body panel on the car that color. next (maybe first, I'm not a painter), paint every door jamb, under-hood, between bumper and body, etc. every single place where 2 panels meet, paint the interior gap with glow in the dark paint. also, install UV LED lights in those gaps. at the flip of a switch, your seams will glow, like some kind of scifi vehicle. the body lines are already insane, go big! carbon fiber everything else, like the vents, aero, etc.

  68. isaiah roberts
    isaiah roberts
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    teal blue would be insane

  69. mkygod
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    Lambo Diablo SE30 metallic purple

  70. nội thất văn phòng Nguyên Quân
    nội thất văn phòng Nguyên Quân
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    chị này làm video toàn siêu xe nhỉ 😍

  71. tichjer691
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    Congrats.... 💯😎✌

  72. fredy falcon
    fredy falcon
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    Saludos desde Ucayali la selva del Perú

  73. Julian Johnston Jr.
    Julian Johnston Jr.
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    It looks like a $5 million dollar car, grats, well deserved!

  74. Tran Luu
    Tran Luu
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    Wow Very beautiful car🤟🤟🤟

  75. Harroos
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    Wow love that car such a beautiful design

  76. Thisisnotmyrealname8
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    That really is one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen.

  77. ig- Evaid
    ig- Evaid
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    It looks like a baby devel 16😂

  78. Gee Williams
    Gee Williams
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    Congratulations. Looks awesome and yes very reasonable price considering what it looks like. I do wonder what it might be worth in 1 or 5 or even 10 years?

  79. Gregor Rezar
    Gregor Rezar
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    Congrats Alex i would paint it like .... ilhistory.info/player/fZSNyM-Bpsy3wso/wyd-w

  80. Jachob Batterham
    Jachob Batterham
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    Sunburnt orange would look amazing👌

  81. delaney pippin
    delaney pippin
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    I say go with something bright that way you will stand out and have a one of one car people will definitely look at you a lot that way though

  82. tapout954
    2 ימים לפני

    Saddle brown interior and white or yellow exterior.

  83. Aphun panmei
    Aphun panmei
    2 ימים לפני

    Don't u have the key to get inside......!? Kidding...🤣🤣 Just wanna see you driving.

  84. Hau Vu
    Hau Vu
    2 ימים לפני

    Should have Logo BLONDIIE On Front .

  85. Tajae Vernon
    Tajae Vernon
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    Who else dancing to the song at the end of the video? 🤣

  86. Tajae Vernon
    Tajae Vernon
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    It looks beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  87. Henrik Rognstadtangen
    Henrik Rognstadtangen
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    It looks like a pegani and a Porsche had a baby it is sick

  88. Betchoo Harshil
    Betchoo Harshil
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    When u see the same car in gta

  89. Gabriel Kiptoo
    Gabriel Kiptoo
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  90. Ramblings of a Disillusioned Hippie
    Ramblings of a Disillusioned Hippie
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    Iridescent green

  91. Avi
    2 ימים לפני

    Red black might look better than white black

  92. Themachine
    2 ימים לפני

    Who makes this car? Brand?

  93. Brian's Bricks
    Brian's Bricks
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    Black bc your first super car was black so your first hyper car should be black.

  94. Nethupula Jayalath
    Nethupula Jayalath
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    Congratulations 👏

    2 ימים לפני

    Slow down, slowshish, snymish

  96. Max Fitzsimons
    Max Fitzsimons
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    *sniff* *sniff* ya smell that people? This video reeks heavily of the fake devil sixteen people paid to say they were “taking delivery of” it’s a cool car don’t get me wrong but I’m calling bs.

  97. gladys jeruto
    gladys jeruto
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    Cool hyper car you've got

  98. Peter van Brucken
    Peter van Brucken
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    VERY nice! Does it use Corvette running gear too? It's a C8 with nicer clothes if so... Looks pretty good in white, but maybe add a purple pearl as I did on a project car ;)

  99. shredx81
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  100. Hercaliestudios
    2 ימים לפני

    It should be green