Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters REMATCH

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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters REMATCH. You asked for it. This was even more INSANE than the original.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are FOUR hunters instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo AND my friend Antfrost tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,000,000 likes we'll do a rematch!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin


  1. The Cringe King
    The Cringe King
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  2. Jermaine Hammond
    Jermaine Hammond
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    Hunters: You have nowhere to run Dream: Casually traps them in the nether for eternity

  3. Carson Buchmann
    Carson Buchmann
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    What’s the song at 10:20?

  4. Roman Clan games
    Roman Clan games
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    My heart is beating out of my chest at the end

  5. Roman Clan games
    Roman Clan games
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    Nether playsss BIG BRAIN

  6. Levente Rózsavölgyi
    Levente Rózsavölgyi
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  7. Talita Rodrigues
    Talita Rodrigues
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    Dream plis Mande salve pelo brasil

  8. Jack Fay
    Jack Fay
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    This series is crazy

  9. Aus Boy
    Aus Boy
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    dream has incredible taste in music

  10. maria jose pozas ochoa
    maria jose pozas ochoa
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    Dear friends, With university finals this week, missing assignments from my semester due, and packing to go back home over winter break, it has been hard to find time to edit my next video. It is going pretty solid, 30 minutes in right now. But there is A LOT of footage left to include. There's no way I get it out before Thanksgiving, so the plan is to pack all of my things, go back home for break, and then resume my editing there. Because of that, it will probably take me longer to get the video out than it otherwise would. Just sending this post to keep you guys updated on my progress, and know I'm not being lazy like you may think with this delayed upload, I just have a lot of IRL stuff on my plate over the next week or two. My best estimation for release is 8-10 days from now with the video being around 1:15:00 long. I hope everyone that is travelling for the holidays stays safe, I thank you guys for your understanding and I will see you all during my next upload! 😄❤ Sincerely, -Stevie

  11. Stigio
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    40000000000 IQ

  12. PumpkinEater69
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    cOmE hErE gEoRgE!!!

  13. Dani Saputro
    Dani Saputro
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    2:30 cobblestone crafting table

  14. Jaleel Caines
    Jaleel Caines
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    When he says come here George I laughed so hard

  15. Brady Phillips
    Brady Phillips
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    You should have used a lava bucket to trap the end spawn platform

  16. WikaPL TFM
    WikaPL TFM
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    Dream is the Best!!! ✨✨✨

  17. Marko Milanovic
    Marko Milanovic
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    Pls do another video of manhunt

  18. Marko Milanovic
    Marko Milanovic
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    Keep it up

  19. Dumber
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    Dream never loses cuz gogy and the others have to make him win so they can get money

  20. Haniel Espinosa
    Haniel Espinosa
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    The Nether Maze Section Of The Video: Dream: The Monster Who Lurks In The Wall George, Sapnap, Antfrost and BadBoyHalo: The Guys Thinking That They’re Going To Slay The Monster But They Actually All Die Instead Of Killing The Monster

  21. Christian Dale
    Christian Dale
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    When you see a dream video you haven't watched

  22. NiMe_3
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    Technicly he won last video aswell since his goal is to defeat the ender dragon. He defeated it.

  23. Tollz
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    Dream’s entire portal idea was hands down one of the smartest things I’ve ever seen someone do.

  24. Schtimymcdongal e
    Schtimymcdongal e
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    I'm not subscribing

  25. xXMrAmazingGamerXx
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    10:29 Antfrost just walking in water

  26. Sagnik Chatterjee
    Sagnik Chatterjee
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    He is a minecraft legend love you boi

  27. KitsuneChanFandom -DancerKitty-
    KitsuneChanFandom -DancerKitty-
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    1:11 I think I see something...

  28. Tiko 2
    Tiko 2
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    I love dream

  29. ꧁༺Moᴅιɴнo Gᴀмᴇʀ]
    ꧁༺Moᴅιɴнo Gᴀмᴇʀ]
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    .d good gamer ♥️♥️ follow you 😊😊

  30. Katniss
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    *Petition for Dream to play Manhunt with a heart rate monitor*

  31. Atlantcminer
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    What is the background music called on 4:59

  32. Sancha Gaming
    Sancha Gaming
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    dream your weak that sentence got to the heart

  33. Donuts CG
    Donuts CG
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    I think not to use compasses

  34. BB Cactus
    BB Cactus
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    bad boy halo makes me wanna shove a knife down my throat

  35. Orgest Zimberi
    Orgest Zimberi
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    The dreams brain is as big as the tv in my room. I cant compare it.

  36. Dr.DovahKriid
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    When you have 10k+ hrs of MC and an IQ of 190.

  37. Rey Rex
    Rey Rex
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    Dream was a quick search and a 4 minute video about getting above the nether away from loosing

  38. Pro100 Ninja
    Pro100 Ninja
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    I heard the Russians 33:17

  39. Crystal Bautista
    Crystal Bautista
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    This is INTENSE

  40. Cyril Domingo
    Cyril Domingo
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    The seed is 415628

  41. Mr. Miss
    Mr. Miss
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    i dont even play minecraft but I enjoy watching this

  42. Cl Jo
    Cl Jo
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    Those who don't check the time left on the video when Dream's in trouble are the most mentally stable.

  43. Nguyennam Minhvuong
    Nguyennam Minhvuong
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    Iya ya Allah.

  44. Dihar Uddin
    Dihar Uddin
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    Dream is the besttt

  45. Aizah Rabi
    Aizah Rabi
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    Very disappointed and disgusting video

  46. Rodeo Denis
    Rodeo Denis
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  47. gaming dog
    gaming dog
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    Beter title 4 hunters vs speed runner with 10 trilion god apples

  48. Sarah Thompson
    Sarah Thompson
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    this video made my day thankyou dream

  49. Dru Silver
    Dru Silver
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    Dream: Casually annihilating 4 good Minecraft players. Me: Head popping to the music

  50. HaiSo Pete
    HaiSo Pete
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    Right when Dream left the Nether, am as played. I think the universe hates me

  51. Lu Bay
    Lu Bay
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    Ive got a spoon gives me the same vibes as ive got a gun

  52. Austin Smith
    Austin Smith
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    1 speed runner vs 176 hunters.. lol

  53. Elizabeth Stoddard
    Elizabeth Stoddard
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    I love George’s freak out voice

  54. Octoexus Studios
    Octoexus Studios
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    suggestion ik its a bad one but: Speedrunner VS Hunters But its hardcore

  55. TwichEduKamero Kek
    TwichEduKamero Kek
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    43:45 they have a compass whf hahaahahhaha t his is the decree

  56. Ary Gamer
    Ary Gamer
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    Dream in every video with George: Oh George!

  57. Julian Spatter
    Julian Spatter
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    This man is PROFFESSIONAL

    10 שעות לפני

    we could have had piss cow but were stuck with glow squid thanks alot you plebs piss cow 2020

  59. Zeldac
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    1. A_Random_Gamer_2
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  60. Nicholas Laudan
    Nicholas Laudan
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    This whole video is such deja vu

  61. LOH JERN HAO Moe
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    1 like =1feel good for dream, and to cheer up dream

    1. A_Random_Gamer_2
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      Dream must be sad

  62. JakeJake FulwoodFulwood
    JakeJake FulwoodFulwood
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    who would win: 4 guys in protection 4 or one green boi with confidence

  63. Nicholas Laudan
    Nicholas Laudan
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    The nether maze gave me dejavu

  64. Cytonyx
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    Wait how big your brain actually

  65. Sarah Delery
    Sarah Delery
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    The only other way out was to put their armor in a furnace to get iron nuggets, they would still need flint though.

  66. Zenitsu
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    You and I want Dream to spawn the fucking Wither on them. You may have never thought of that, but now you want it. Don't you?

  67. kev chen
    kev chen
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    Dream: “Y’know bad’s real name is Mark?” Bad: “oH REaLly?”

  68. Gumball 4 Good
    Gumball 4 Good
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    The next manhunt is going to be 1 mincraft speed runner vs 8 hunters

  69. wEWoah
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    25:50 at this point they're just bullying him lol

  70. Cody Albright
    Cody Albright
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    Dude his mine cart clutch was dope

  71. makrow meal inc
    makrow meal inc
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    pro dream

  72. Swag bros
    Swag bros
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    BBH hit dream with a dirt block at 14:15

  73. Eric Borden
    Eric Borden
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    Is breaking the nether portal against the rules?

  74. Brian Griffin ASMR
    Brian Griffin ASMR
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    Does no one question how he finds a nether fortress so easily? For all the months this trash update has been out, I’ve searched for numerous hours for plenty of days in either my own survival world or random creative worlds and I haven’t found a single fortress. Either I’m the unluckiest person alive or dream is the luckiest person alive.

  75. Anti
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    Wait he has 13 mill now??!?!?!?

  76. Legoshi? Legoshi?
    Legoshi? Legoshi?
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    Why does the Thumbnail Look Familiar?....

  77. Brian Griffin ASMR
    Brian Griffin ASMR
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    You can disable shields wtf?

  78. Unusual Stranger
    Unusual Stranger
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    Dear God , was Dream trained by the Viet-Cong on tunnel warfare ? .

  79. Richie Tozier
    Richie Tozier
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    I got a boss baby ad while watching this

  80. GodRays
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    everybody gansta till dream turns a boat into an airplane

  81. David Walker
    David Walker
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    Poison arrows would be a good start for taking dream out. Then thinking the unthinkable.. lol

  82. Tobias QC
    Tobias QC
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    okay, but where is shitass?

  83. Creative creeper
    Creative creeper
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    1v4 but one is a spy

  84. burhan oktaviano
    burhan oktaviano
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    44:00 epic moment

  85. BOEING 747 -400
    BOEING 747 -400
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    Holy shit that bed tactic backfired so hard in the nether

  86. Yatie K. -
    Yatie K. -
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    Assalamualaikum pak 🙏 1vs5

  87. Jackson Awalt
    Jackson Awalt
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    He should invite Karl

  88. Robin Toledo
    Robin Toledo
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    YEEEESSS!!! NOOOOO!!! YEEEESSS!!! NOOOOO!!! YEEEESSS!!! That's the ending guys.

  89. Kavya Agrawal
    Kavya Agrawal
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    Oh my god THIS WAS EPIC

  90. Finn Penka
    Finn Penka
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    This is kinda like the last speed runner

  91. Cixzey Beats
    Cixzey Beats
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    Stats at start: 78.7 + 21.4 = 100.1% *visible confusion*

  92. Biyao Zhou
    Biyao Zhou
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    One of dreams friend: he is hiding in the ground like a groundhog Me: but you are more like a cockroach going through holes and digging holes in the ground

  93. Geometry Dash Creator
    Geometry Dash Creator
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    Thanos snap 5:25

  94. Geometry Dash Creator
    Geometry Dash Creator
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    Skeppy when

  95. Android_17
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    Ever almost gotten a heart attack watching a Minecraft vid?..

  96. Roman Clan games
    Roman Clan games
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    My hands are sweating just watching this is it just me or what

  97. Billie Moya
    Billie Moya
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    the music at the nether portal bit is so dope

  98. jade ashley babaran
    jade ashley babaran
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    This guy's a god.

  99. Debbie Huttley
    Debbie Huttley
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    Mr beast said he hates you

  100. Insomniac boo
    Insomniac boo
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    Is no one gonna talk about how absolutely bad ass that tnt move was? Not even 10 minutes into the video and dream is being a mad lad- 4:59