Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil

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A true story by Demi Lovato
Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
Produced by OBB Pictures & SB Films
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  1. Igor Pereira
    Igor Pereira
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  2. Siena Jaccarino
    Siena Jaccarino
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    #still love Demi after all this

  3. leina Cavalcante
    leina Cavalcante
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    It's that demi!!♥️

  4. Terria Smith
    Terria Smith
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    I am a 12 years old fan of Demi l love you 😘

  5. Carolina Cancelado
    Carolina Cancelado
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    Touching everyone that has gone through this. God bless you, and you are not alone! If we could! Yes you can! 🙌🏼

  6. Gary West
    Gary West
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    Bond tune.....

  7. His Reign
    His Reign
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    The fact that stupid rappers that no one has ever heard of gets more views them Demi leaves me speechless

  8. Beatriz Cardoso
    Beatriz Cardoso
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  9. Igzotik TV
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  10. Liv Creed
    Liv Creed
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    Tbh im shocked this doesn't have more likes 😳❤️

  11. Sania Idoe
    Sania Idoe
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    She is crazy u hate the devil

  12. Ezequias Fernandes Mourão
    Ezequias Fernandes Mourão
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    Damos em frente bosonario

  13. treboR SA
    treboR SA
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    Muito forte, amo essa musica, amo essa artista! Demi i love u so much 🥺❤️❤️

  14. Baleed Ali
    Baleed Ali
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    Strick 1.1

  15. Baleed Ali
    Baleed Ali
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    I am Manhattan. Bigger building.

  16. Courtney Stanley
    Courtney Stanley
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    Such a powerful song and video. She truly is incredibly lucky to be alive! But god kept her on this planet so she could share her story to the world and help others who are going through similar things. Truly, what I believe, is an award winning performance! We love you Demi, and so glad you are better! ❤

  17. Baleed Ali
    Baleed Ali
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    Ok we drinking trump's beer. And playing a game (you). Picktch outside .help me.

  18. Socorro Santos
    Socorro Santos
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    Misericórdia Senhor

  19. Lyrik Turner
    Lyrik Turner
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    Tears ..... when you’ve been there this hits different. I love you Demi

  20. Victoria Nikiforov
    Victoria Nikiforov
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    You ARE STILL lying to yourself, oh talented one. I'm not phrasing your song. When your way is to drink "in moderation" and smoke pot "in moderation" in order for you to rehab yourself, you will soon sing your beautiful melodies in heaven, Literally.

  21. em_ma177 light
    em_ma177 light
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    We can't afford to lose such a gem as demi.. I hope she knows how loved she is

  22. Destinne Robinson
    Destinne Robinson
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    I absolutely love this. This was very inspiring for people who’s going thru a lot she killed this 🔥

  23. Letícia França
    Letícia França
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    Omg this music hit a lot,its so dramatic and good at the sane time

  24. Jlac_ Fit&More
    Jlac_ Fit&More
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    This literally would be amazing on a James Bond Intro

  25. Jessica lovato
    Jessica lovato
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    You’ve been through so much and still didn’t gave up. You can be so proud of yourself. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration by sharing your story and recovery with the world 🙏

  26. Melanie Wagers
    Melanie Wagers
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    Thank you for this. I'm working on my sobriety. I have 1 day.

  27. Aaron Chen
    Aaron Chen
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    Remember kids, if you ever try drugs once you'll be dancing with the devil and end up like demi lovato. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  28. Jefferson Coelho
    Jefferson Coelho
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    tô toda cagada, que clipe lindo e emocionante 😢♥️

  29. Lucas Miguel
    Lucas Miguel
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    This song could fit so well in Lucifer as the opening song

  30. Markos
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  31. DeviousDvcky
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    The reason she looks so creepy when she looks at her phone is bc thats the her friends were leaving after a Big day. She asked a friend to stay but they couldnt pick up how serious it was bc the Devil in Demi was good at hiding her intentions... i wondered why she looked so serious at when she looked fine. She was “possessed” yall

  32. Spencer Tanhauser
    Spencer Tanhauser
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    Dancing with the devil and Met him last night deserve to be number 1 on the billboard hot 100.Demi lovato is a prodigious artist.Its time she gets what she deserves

  33. Yuranis Piñeros.
    Yuranis Piñeros.
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    Grande Demi. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  34. Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid
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  35. Juan Batalha
    Juan Batalha
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    Quem da deslike numa perfeição dessa???

  36. Josh Damsma
    Josh Damsma
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    I've been close three times. The other side is not something u can explain...

  37. Mariana Nunes
    Mariana Nunes
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    Letra e clipe perfeitos❤❤😍tô completamente apaixonada

  38. Mariana Nunes
    Mariana Nunes
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    Essa música tem um poder de me fazer ficar arrepida💗

  39. Amanda Fajardo
    Amanda Fajardo
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    I have been fighting my addition to opiates for 10 years. I overdosed for the first time on April 12th 2021, 2 days after my birthday. Thank you for doing this song. It helps me more than you will ever know. Love you Demi. Keep fighting ❤️

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    Dancing whit the Devil

    3 שעות לפני

    Te amo Demi

  42. Mariana Nunes
    Mariana Nunes
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    Tô viciada nessa música ❤

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    Love uuu Demiii

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  46. Double Bi
    Double Bi
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    So Stark und voller Gefühle...

  47. Antipático Lunático
    Antipático Lunático
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    1. thedeccc
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      rise up and exploit your addiction for views and money

  48. sam sammy
    sam sammy
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    Is she dead 💀sad

    1. Rochelle Bohn
      Rochelle Bohn
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  49. Allison Hamerla
    Allison Hamerla
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    This song is so beautiful

  50. alexandre pag
    alexandre pag
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    The Lord Jesus Christ as the only savior wants to find you awake! ... The sleeping devil !!! ... repent while it's time and before it's too late!

    1. Faith through Grace
      Faith through Grace
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  51. pink money
    pink money
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    she is such a good inspiration

  52. gabby kay
    gabby kay
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    this sounds like something that would play on the show “empire”

  53. Ianina Oliveira
    Ianina Oliveira
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    You're not alone, Demi🤗💗

  54. Briana Kazee
    Briana Kazee
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    This is why that moderation will eventually not work. Hope she heals ❤️ try cbd babes

  55. ams fauvet
    ams fauvet
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    absolute icon

  56. angie gualdron
    angie gualdron
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    Se merece hasta una fresa completa de la torta

  57. Alexis Bryan
    Alexis Bryan
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    Her voice is giving me chills down my spine 🤩 i LOVE HER!!! And this song is just 😭 i feel the pain and the struggle love ❤

  58. angie gualdron
    angie gualdron
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    Mana que bonito todo,saludos,un besote

  59. angie gualdron
    angie gualdron
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    muy duro DEMI

  60. Thiago Sabino
    Thiago Sabino
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    Holly fuck man. This song is just about her own life. Heavier. Strong.

  61. katie
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    Very brave of her to share this, I Hope's she gets better

  62. Teacher Dha
    Teacher Dha
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    Very powerful message 😊

  63. theblckrosebooks
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  64. Lauren Hansel
    Lauren Hansel
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  65. Willow H
    Willow H
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    This song will help people across all forms of addictions, eating disorders, trauma, its very think your fine till "you almost make it to heaven"..."your dancing with the devil" the one in your are worth more than that..yes you reading this.

  66. Itz_Jade_ 2099
    Itz_Jade_ 2099
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    She is literally giving us the whole story what she went through that time and that gave me chills more

  67. Taylor Strong
    Taylor Strong
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    This song is amazing, really speaks to me Since I’ve struggled with bipolar AND addiction. Sounds like some shit I would say to myself back when I used

  68. Bolami
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    I don't know what to type

  69. Deepika Banotra
    Deepika Banotra
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    I'm just so proud of her 🥺

    5 שעות לפני

    This is the most heartbreaking and powerful thing I've seen and witnessed this year 💯

    5 שעות לפני

    This is the most heartbreaking and powerful thing I've seen and witnessed this year 💯

  72. Ga B
    Ga B
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    El estampado de la remera contradice el mensaje tan fuerte que intenta transmitir. ¿Cómo un individuo podría regular el consumo las diversas sustancias? Incluso ella misma inicia con un "es sólo una copa de vino...". Quiero creer que el mensaje de la remera sólo va en concordancia con lo que rechaza como parte de un pasado doloroso.

  73. Sarah King
    Sarah King
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    Gotta give Demi Lovato mad props 4 sharing her story with the whole world. If it gives just ONE person HOPE in a hopeless moment, that can be the difference between having the strength to not give up. Thank you so much 4 this song, cuz that's exactly what it did 4 me 🎼💖☮️

  74. Karol wwa
    Karol wwa
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    its so powerful

  75. Maira Palomera
    Maira Palomera
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    No se cansen de reproducir ésta Jolla, Demi merece lo mejor, hagámosla muy feliz a nuestra reina

  76. Maira Palomera
    Maira Palomera
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    Love u Demi

  77. Chantel Jonathan
    Chantel Jonathan
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    How tragically beautiful that she was able to create something that resonates within so. many. people. by taking from her real life and experience and intense vulnerability. Isn't this what true art is about? Tres bien Miss Lovato And thank you for sharing your journey with the world

  78. Joaquina Pozzer
    Joaquina Pozzer
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    1. Rodrigo Parotti
      Rodrigo Parotti
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      DEMETRIA en muy internacional

  79. Morgan Robert
    Morgan Robert
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    literal chills

  80. Neelo Unathi Raphokeng
    Neelo Unathi Raphokeng
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    Love it

  81. MeanJean McQueen
    MeanJean McQueen
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    This is a very powerful song.

  82. Thivyah Haridas
    Thivyah Haridas
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    Get well and i really hope you will be happy again

  83. Thivyah Haridas
    Thivyah Haridas
    6 שעות לפני

    If you need a fren to talk to im always here for you Demi idk if it helps you but anytime you need a true friend you can reach out

  84. Poto xd
    Poto xd
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    Esa es una de las razones por las que tu usas autotune y yo no

  85. Gabrielle Corkran
    Gabrielle Corkran
    6 שעות לפני

    The song especially the song With the video, makes me cry. when I'm looking at it it makes me so sad that she's still in that position. She is Still having those problems, the cravings.. We don't all have issues with drugs, some people have different infatuations and bullshitt they have to deal with. I had a bad problem with drugs specifically pills, and that turned into heroin. . . I'm almost Five years sober and I really hope So Strongly that Demi Lovato, and everyone else who is having these struggles, i hope for you to find the way that Actually Helps and Works for You!. And if anyone reads through this and wants help and has any questions about what I'm doing, I'm more than willing to talk about it!?. I've been in that position where my loved one was calling ambulance cause I was unresponsive in bed... and that will never happen again, not with me💜💜💋

  86. Mel Gutierrez
    Mel Gutierrez
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    Chills going down my body listening to this 😭

  87. ilovehorses
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    Demi is so strong and inspiring

  88. Nessa Barrett
    Nessa Barrett
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    New subscriber !❤️ ur so pretty 🥺 I love ur voice

  89. Lara Marto
    Lara Marto
    7 שעות לפני

    i wonder what people are thinking when they put dislike in a song like this one, I mean how?? This is a masterpiece, is beyond words and Demi is a real QUEEN, bro she passed through so much and she is here, showing how incredibly strong she is!!! I alsolutely admire and love her.

  90. ana paula
    ana paula
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    Cadê os brasileiros

  91. Aimee Wheeler
    Aimee Wheeler
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    When little white lines turn into big clear shots.....

  92. Alyza Kashif
    Alyza Kashif
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    I understand.

  93. Liitlee Secreth
    Liitlee Secreth
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    Es el claro ejemplo de convertir el dolor en arte ❤️ Love u Demi 🙆

  94. Forrest Barrett
    Forrest Barrett
    7 שעות לפני

    Glad to see you lived to tell about it demi and are facing your demons head on- there's been too many people that's had their last dance in life. Took a lot of courage to not just be real with everyone in the world but to also portray that night so accurately, not to mention unfortunately you will be labeled a junkie from now on no matter. You will also be fighting addiction every day of rest of your life- if only the battle ended with sobriety. Fight the good fight.. my prayers are with you

  95. Luana Martins
    Luana Martins
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    Beautiful ❤️❤️

  96. Thomas Ingandello
    Thomas Ingandello
    7 שעות לפני

    I've spent more of my life struggling with addiction than I have clean...this song hits entirely too close to home and I've been clean for almost 5 years ..bravo Demi, this was the song I didn't know I needed

  97. karolat8
    7 שעות לפני

    she's not done with drugs, i tell ya.

  98. Nessa Dawn
    Nessa Dawn
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    Demi done snatched my soul. Take that crown girl.

  99. As vantagens de ser diferente
    As vantagens de ser diferente
    7 שעות לפני

    Quando você tem câncer você se acostumar a dançar com o diabo.. eu vi o isso a 8 anos! Mas sigo sobrevivendo e vencendo!

  100. Iremar Antonia Silverio
    Iremar Antonia Silverio
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