I Walked Across The Earth!

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I got three teams to race across the Earth in Minecraft! Every team is always passing each other throughout the whole video, so watch it all the way to the end!
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  1. MrBeast
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    When you left the circle you got poisoned so technically you could leave like thought but you’d only have 1 hp. Glad you guys enjoyed the video!

    1. Banana
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    2. ツ๖ۣۜMιηsun ღ
      ツ๖ۣۜMιηsun ღ
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      @Shaihan :o

    3. Shaihan
      16 ימים לפני

      What happened???

    4. Gina Sanchez
      Gina Sanchez
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      Your so rich

    5. •pixel cat•
      •pixel cat•
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  2. Ashley Eaton
    Ashley Eaton
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  3. burl phillips
    burl phillips
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    .mr Beast videos are the best on ILhistory

  4. burl phillips
    burl phillips
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    This is way over the to video.what can I say ever body know mr Beast make best Videos on ILhistory. Best be said. Just watch one .yes they are free .

  5. Jason Pham
    Jason Pham
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    I just like how chandler has kurapika hoodie on

  6. arcwayz
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    thoughts such a legend

  7. Luca Celentano
    Luca Celentano
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  8. shrsk lawliet
    shrsk lawliet
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    If only someone went to Suez canal, that would win the game for them. You need to learn geography to win MrBeast challenges kids!

  9. the CEO of Cheese
    the CEO of Cheese
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  10. C.A.M.I
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  11. 박소윤
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    Chris: Karl's starting to pick up the paste Me: I know he got to many speed potions...

  12. Tatiana Paul
    Tatiana Paul
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    You said you were going to walk around the earth buy you did not do it you lied

  13. Mason Murray
    Mason Murray
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  14. Lonely Tomato
    Lonely Tomato
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    How would you know when you’re at China

  15. Adriana’s Life
    Adriana’s Life
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    A crisp high five

  16. Breme
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  17. Jenna Martin
    Jenna Martin
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    65 bucks is to much money

  18. Jack Hammel
    Jack Hammel
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    Why didn’t they go the other way around earth?

  19. The Canadian roblox player
    The Canadian roblox player
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    I will go threw the sues canal am smart

  20. Ong Wannable
    Ong Wannable
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    Flat earther won this round

  21. Faceless
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  22. Kean Timothy
    Kean Timothy
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    I did this once wheni was little

  23. Random Stuff
    Random Stuff
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    Mrbeast 1 year ago trying to prove the world is flat now the thumbnail

  24. Christian Fonseca
    Christian Fonseca
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    Mr Beast: I walked across the world Me: But in Minecraft

  25. Dr shrek
    Dr shrek
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    “We’re going to the spain area” first you need to go in Portugal

  26. Micah Prince
    Micah Prince
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    MrBeast on 2030: I just bought the Whole of Antarctica and the last to step out of it keeps it!

  27. Unknown_BG
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    0:34 a Dhar Mann actor

  28. Amani Yt
    Amani Yt
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    How much did they scream-

  29. Richard L
    Richard L
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  30. Blasting perfect Reg Gallentine
    Blasting perfect Reg Gallentine
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    I don’t like Karl

  31. Hamza Yasser ElBeltagy
    Hamza Yasser ElBeltagy
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    When Chris team got slow potions they were like 🥲

  32. Duarte Pimentel
    Duarte Pimentel
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    2000 IQ would be going to the nether and run trough until ur next to the finish line. Because 1 block in the nether is 100 in real world or something like that!

  33. Random fort nut
    Random fort nut
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    why china

  34. Kuba Alex
    Kuba Alex
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    One question, they could Just cross the pacific but would t that be too ez?

  35. TheBeaglezBest
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    YEAH KARL!!!!

  36. D Salazar
    D Salazar
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    I'm sad it was in Minecraft 😭

  37. Ange10 _
    Ange10 _
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    what map did they use for a whole view of the entire world?

  38. sekar p.c
    sekar p.c
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    Please take us to for those lovely videos sir

  39. Lucas_Jorge
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    Do u even know where portugal is?

  40. kunal raj
    kunal raj
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    Just go from the other side .

  41. •Mystical Mars•
    •Mystical Mars•
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    Chandler do I see Kurapika👀

  42. Rachel Aiven Carr
    Rachel Aiven Carr
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    Who else knows that drowned are in the water

  43. Zara-Lee Hamilton
    Zara-Lee Hamilton
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    I thought he actually walk across the earth 😂😂

  44. Jamie JamieMinecraft3 Emmons
    Jamie JamieMinecraft3 Emmons
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    Yellow cheated because mr beast gave them it at tye start for no reason

  45. Wealth Miner
    Wealth Miner
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    you lost

  46. Nina Trisnawati
    Nina Trisnawati
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    A new legend is born and its name is thought037

  47. Amir Aridi
    Amir Aridi
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    Pov:u think mrbeast was going to scream

  48. monica kar
    monica kar
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    Everyone salut tonthought He's is very nice

  49. sleepy neko
    sleepy neko
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    It's both Thought 2021

  50. Rk Mishra
    Rk Mishra
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  51. ColtTheGamer 1
    ColtTheGamer 1
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    how did you get this world map in minecraft?

  52. burl phillips
    burl phillips
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    Mr Beast give cars away .houses away and gold bars away and large amount of cash to people and places.and a few super cars What can I say .no I never got any thing from mr Beast .but this old man need car house and gold bar .but I want get any of those things but I can hope right best be said. What go around come around

  53. Y/N chan
    Y/N chan
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    who else wants thought to be in another video with da boiz😩✋

  54. Jaylyn Reyes
    Jaylyn Reyes
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    Can we just appreciate Chandlers Kurapika hoodie!

  55. Orxz Art
    Orxz Art
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    thought the bloody legend

  56. Denise Hughes
    Denise Hughes
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  57. My Singing Monsters Fan 1023
    My Singing Monsters Fan 1023
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    They could’ve went left towards Russia and it wouldve been closer Edit: Oh wait, This is Minecraft and it doesn’t loop. Ha ha

  58. Runa Yomozuki
    Runa Yomozuki
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    Karl was smart on that one!

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  60. Awkward Animations
    Awkward Animations
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    Title of the video walking across earth about 25 percent of the video they road a boat

  61. Chase Carmichael
    Chase Carmichael
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    Karl is the beast

  62. Purab Kothari
    Purab Kothari
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    Alright, time to do this irl, MrBeast

  63. Matt Perry
    Matt Perry
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    Karl’s high five had better be crisp as hell I’m just sayin’.

  64. tom bennet
    tom bennet
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    I hate to say it but... it was a very annoying clickbait.

  65. qwerty uiop
    qwerty uiop
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  66. Maria Sami
    Maria Sami
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    This is click bait the title was supposed to be walking across the earth IN MINECRAFT

  67. Michele Ronchi
    Michele Ronchi
    2 ימים לפני

    So the earth is actually flat!

  68. Giovanni Salvioli
    Giovanni Salvioli
    2 ימים לפני

    I did not expect click ait but it was a good vid so no hate

  69. Steffgamer
    2 ימים לפני

    Chandler is transparent

  70. Sushila Jain
    Sushila Jain
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    yes lets go!!!!!!!

  71. GarySmith
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    i hate clickbait

  72. Goosey
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    Pov: you clicked on this video to see mrbeast Across The Earth in Real Life..

  73. Ian Baker
    Ian Baker
    2 ימים לפני

    Where did you find the map, and can I download it?

  74. Nur Adriana Falisha 6 Teamwork
    Nur Adriana Falisha 6 Teamwork
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    thought was a good soldier o7

  75. Mason Pearson
    Mason Pearson
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    1:13 not the Gulf of Mexico but ok

  76. Fitri red saan
    Fitri red saan
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    Mr beast in 3030 i stayed on mars for 69 hours

  77. Kacp3rowsky
    2 ימים לפני

    Personally, I would do same as yellow team did first which is basically go straight to florida. I would get boat and go spain to get to suez canal and boom ur in asia

  78. Angeles Gorrias
    Angeles Gorrias
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    Nobody said you couldn't use the nether

  79. Dbn Pluto
    Dbn Pluto
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    The Kurapika hoodie chandlers rockin is straight 🔥🔥🔥

  80. Bogdan Nuca
    Bogdan Nuca
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    they could go trough gibraltar meditarian sea then the black sea then go trough georgia and swim trough the big lake and go in china easy

  81. Enqrypted
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    alt title : lego steel ball run

  82. Reuben Mitchell
    Reuben Mitchell
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    Nice racism!

  83. Gusputer
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    This video was sort-of clickbait.

  84. Keith Jasper Romero
    Keith Jasper Romero
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    Carl is literally a gamer HAHAHAHAHAHAJHAHAHA

  85. Joaquin Ross Contemplacion
    Joaquin Ross Contemplacion
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    Player: "Im outta food :(" Karl: "Im out of food, am Karl"

  86. SF Lazyfries ツ
    SF Lazyfries ツ
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    Thought is a true one

  87. Rouge Apex
    Rouge Apex
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    *Meanwhile I can’t walk a inch without crashing*

  88. DragonBallZuper6969
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    How can i enter

  89. Lorna Littlepoplar
    Lorna Littlepoplar
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    I thought Chris was going to win

  90. Cloud
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    Editor imagine forgetting to remove a green screen

  91. Chloe molo
    Chloe molo
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    I love Karl

  92. Benjamin Rowland
    Benjamin Rowland
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    Zombies are jo joke i lost a hardcore world to on i had iron armor

  93. Mr.WolfxD
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    bruh Thought is a legend

  94. K Hively
    K Hively
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    How did you look at the map up above

  95. Elaine Kwan
    Elaine Kwan
    3 ימים לפני

    Chris: there’s no mob in the water Me: they’re drowns elder guardians and puffer fish

  96. Mackenzie Renskers
    Mackenzie Renskers
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    Lol wrong video

  97. Mackenzie Renskers
    Mackenzie Renskers
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    Lego lives matter too!(had to say it)

  98. ReKt Flare
    ReKt Flare
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    Hey make a real vid on mrbeast like this

  99. gamer boy
    gamer boy
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    am i the only one who thought they actullay went across earth

  100. Enox
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    Pippin just took a break from searching ring and went play minecraft with MrBeast