Opening My Silver Play Button (100k)

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thank you


  1. Heysel Escobar
    Heysel Escobar
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    I’ve been binging these videos and now I want a subway sandwich

  2. Idk what this is
    Idk what this is
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    Me shall try me best to reach that numbee

  3. TSL_PUGi0s
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    Thousandth comment pog

  4. Visible Pain
    Visible Pain
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    Me: Congrats on 100k! The next ILhistory short: Thanks for 1m

  5. bob the boy
    bob the boy
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  6. HolyB1te
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    Thank you my goal is to hit 1k But my laptop broke down I can't edit

  7. Fifin Listina
    Fifin Listina
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  8. Alifa Islam
    Alifa Islam
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    Congratulations bro. You deserve it 🎉🎉🎉

  9. minty_fn_MK
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    Spread the word of God and the gospel God bless yall

  10. Sawy M
    Sawy M
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    Are you a muslim

  11. Ziyad pro gamer
    Ziyad pro gamer
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    Congrats hope i can be like you now i had 4 subscribers and its my friends and my family member😢

  12. Boston Westafer
    Boston Westafer
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    its so shiny

  13. Tori Ingemi
    Tori Ingemi
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    one day I could be like you in my ILhistory

  14. Lauren A
    Lauren A
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  15. skull gamer
    skull gamer
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    Say that to me lol I can't get past the sub count on my channel 🤣

  16. CloseProximity
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    Gonna be interesting when people stop caring

  17. Vivienne Vining
    Vivienne Vining
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    Omg I love watching ILhistory videos and your TickTock‘s

  18. Mrfanligh
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    Congrats my dude sorry because i am late i know you passed 1 million subscribers but congrats

  19. Martin Cvetelinov
    Martin Cvetelinov
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    this video was made before 3 days now take a look at his subs

  20. WarSmith
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    Looks at published date: 3 days ago Looks at subscriber count: 1.6 million

  21. My Game Tips
    My Game Tips
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    Hey Milad I request you very very much. You know the current situation of India. So many people's are dying because of shortage in beds, oxygen, ventilators and basic materials. Please🙏🙏 try to help the people who are leaving their life of this COVID-19🦠😷 I request you to donate as much as possible by your side. Your donation can save so many lives. Please react to this comment. I beg you. The condition in India is getting very much worse. Please Milad Please make this request to everybody you know. Please tell MrBeast to donate also. I know you can do it. Please Thank you

  22. TryingToGetTo1MillionWithNoVids Hehe
    TryingToGetTo1MillionWithNoVids Hehe
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    Good job! 😄

  23. Aaqil Khan
    Aaqil Khan
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    u deserve it because i think ur one of the best subway makers in the universe

  24. apple noob
    apple noob
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    I know I won’t get the play button :( Congrats too btw

  25. James Striker
    James Striker
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    1m playbutton now

  26. diamondgamer
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    And now you have 1m subscribers!

  27. CandyIsHere
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    He isn't wrong, he literally just make sandwiches for a living a got 1 million subs

  28. Tyuuz
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    Wait... but ur at 1.58 mil

  29. Cee S
    Cee S
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    Congrats! You deserve it!

  30. SKIMASK ThaTrapgod
    SKIMASK ThaTrapgod
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    Who else eats subway weekly now cause of milad?

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    If u read this hope I have a good day and stay safe.

  32. Lyndon Millarez
    Lyndon Millarez
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    Congrats!U Deserve It🥳

  33. Muhammed Muzammil
    Muhammed Muzammil
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    You definitely won and deserve the play button and my youtube recommendations page

  34. mrbignatedog
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  35. Clerxxy
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    And this is why you should NEVER give up on your dreams! Work hard guys you will get there one day 🥇 ⭐️ 🏆

  36. Hanaan Malik
    Hanaan Malik
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    ILhistory can’t ship his play buttons fast enough

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    Tbh he is on his way to getting the gold play button

  38. Ahmed mahmoud
    Ahmed mahmoud
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    Oh in 2 days you got a milion

  39. viridxtyy_
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  40. Evil 9027
    Evil 9027
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    Am I the only one who thinks the silver play button is cooler then the gold

  41. GNJ7112
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    Thank you

  42. Aayan Hamid
    Aayan Hamid
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    You should’ve made a subway sandwich 🥪 on it like Dylan did with ice cream 🍨 😂😂😂😂👍👍

  43. Tacos de Cabeza
    Tacos de Cabeza
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    My top three subway: 1. Italian bread with tereyaki and some extra lettuce and tomato. Then add some mayo with sweet union. 2. Italian herbs and cheess bread with ham and some extra lettuce tomato and sweet pepper. Then add some honey mustard, mayo, and barbecue sauce. 3. Finally we have the colossus sub. (Flat bread) This sub contains all of the meats, cheeses, veggies, and sauces.

  44. AbrarPlayz
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    Where is your Golden Play Button? Has ILhistory not sent it yet? ILhistory is so lazy.

  45. FNS is a Shit clan
    FNS is a Shit clan
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    Where is the gold?

  46. Samura Lassiter
    Samura Lassiter
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    Congrats 🎊🎉

  47. TheCreationers
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    Lmao he achieved 1 mil subs already xD

  48. ArtyomPA
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    Really sweet, but not everybody can succeed as easily as you, I mean your parents own the subway. Imagine they didn't and your boss refused to let you film there (what most bosses would probably do). Your achievement is still great and impressive, but we have to remember that not everybody has the same opportunities in live. Which is a shame.

  49. dane
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  50. Uni_Rat Gaming
    Uni_Rat Gaming
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    Please dont say boys and girls as it is not inclusive 💛⚪️💜🖤

  51. Sarina Lockhart
    Sarina Lockhart
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    Aww I'm happy for you

  52. InnaSucksAtArt
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    Now we're in the one millions 😊.

  53. Dab Cat
    Dab Cat
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    I saw the gold play button one first lol

  54. Dontaskquestions756
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    One of the best success stories

  55. Kristina Johnson
    Kristina Johnson
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    This is well Deserved congrats milad

  56. Jerred Byrd
    Jerred Byrd
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    My mans threw the paper like he dont want that gimme the money maker lol

  57. SpicyNightmare09 ✓
    SpicyNightmare09 ✓
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    Whelp school is in the way of my goals rn

  58. Xirozed
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    You are literally making ‘Subs’ in subway if you know what I mean

  59. KingsPlayer
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    wheres the 1 mil play button like my mans half way to 2 mil but i mean 100k play button is still a huge accomplishment keep up the good work

  60. Comic Maker20
    Comic Maker20
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    Congrats man

  61. Shadow Night
    Shadow Night
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    100k you have 1,56 million

  62. Prasanna Ramesh
    Prasanna Ramesh
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  63. Twin Mint Gaming
    Twin Mint Gaming
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    After watching this did anyone else go over to see how long ago this channel started!?! You are amazing! Super fast!

  64. Not Exam
    Not Exam
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    Face Revealllll!!!!!!! Lets gooo

  65. CloWzy waleed
    CloWzy waleed
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    My guy got the golden play button after 1 hour later

  66. Zinhle Ndebele
    Zinhle Ndebele
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    Congrats milad you deserve all the best 🦋❤️

  67. fighterbreedsuk
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    Hopefully me one day My content daily animal videos

  68. Basith hussain
    Basith hussain
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    I'll iron clothes and earn play buttons

  69. Crazy Awesome Art
    Crazy Awesome Art
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    Congratulations Milad!! You definitely deserve it!!! We all love your channel!!!

  70. prabal
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    Your one like can make my day

  71. Steven Lam
    Steven Lam
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    Now just the gold button awaits

  72. WAR Series Shorts
    WAR Series Shorts
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    We shall see

  73. ZMK ❤️🇯🇴🇵🇰🇵🇸❤️
    ZMK ❤️🇯🇴🇵🇰🇵🇸❤️
    חודש לפני

    I’m wondering here, shouldn’t he be getting his 1M play button? He hit 100K long ago?

  74. AnXzY
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    man put the same audio over his gold and silver playbutton vid

  75. Vanessa
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    Keep it up u deserve dat play button

  76. Jeffy plush Adventures
    Jeffy plush Adventures
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    Good job

  77. ZigZagPower
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    I'll get that playbutton one day...

  78. Just Wireless
    Just Wireless
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    Congratulations 💙

  79. Yeeter Jeeter
    Yeeter Jeeter
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    Whoever disliked isn’t subbed

  80. Wermilius Gaming
    Wermilius Gaming
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    why are u doing this bro u hab 1 mil where is the gold play button lmao

  81. Din Coric
    Din Coric
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    But u have 1 million xD

  82. TheDudeePerson
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    hes unboxing the 100k now... hes already at 1million

  83. Need839
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    Can I just say, your video's in my sub box are above and below MRBeasts 50 mill play "button". I guess that means that you are climbing up to his success! Congrats man, love your content.

  84. Its_Isa
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    lol but now you have a 1 mil Golden play button

  85. Skybe
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    Congrats! :)

  86. Darshan Gopaul
    Darshan Gopaul
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    Congrats bro

  87. Ram Gamer
    Ram Gamer
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    Bruh why you show 100k youtube play button when you have 1m Anyways congrats milad

  88. Pixelz Playz
    Pixelz Playz
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    You deserve whatever else like this is heading your way bro.

  89. Kurt
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    My man ur already on 1mil wdym silver play button this legend needs his golden play button already

  90. TurtleRetward
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    Wow he got a gold reward in like 1hour after this

  91. swety
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    Low effort vids

  92. dragons breath
    dragons breath
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    Here's a million now

  93. Jurassic Dano
    Jurassic Dano
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    My gosh but you already got 1.5 million

  94. G’s Journey
    G’s Journey
    חודש לפני

    I remember when he had 600k subs and I said he’ll get his gold play button before his silver and here we are😭

  95. Exacraft 22
    Exacraft 22
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    I like how he went from 100,000 subs to a million so fast that he got both play buttons at the same time

  96. BongoFromArizona
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    where is the golden one @Milad Mirg?

  97. FTT_Flasher _YT
    FTT_Flasher _YT
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    I am so sad today

  98. Haley’s Unicorns
    Haley’s Unicorns
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    Good job! Milad you did your best and you have succeeded congratulations 🎊🍾🎈🎉

  99. Sarah Grogan
    Sarah Grogan
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    What a legend gold and silver already I know your content will grow as time passes by

  100. sahad khan
    sahad khan
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    Ur at 1.56m tho....