Bathroom Remodel Time-Lapse - DIY Renovation Start to Finish

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In this video I completely gut my only bathroom in order to make it brand new. This remodel was interesting at times but made for quite the journey. Thank you to everyone who followed along the project and if you missed out on the 23 part series I will leave a playlist link below!

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Timestamps -
0:00 - Intro
0:42 - Demo
1:58 - Door Framing
3:56 - More Demo
5:31 - Ceiling Demo
6:39 - Wiring
8:01 - Vanity Removal
8:58 - Exterior Wall Prep
9:43 - Exhaust Fan Installation
10:36 - Floor Demo
12:12 - Plumbing
14:34 - Leveling the Floor
15:16 - Insulating and Fireproofing
16:30 - Drywall
17:52 - Shower Wall Prep
19:10 - Waterproofing Shower Surround
20:58 - Taping and Joint Compound
22:05 - Priming and Painting
22:52 - Floor Tile
24:48 - Vanity Installation
26:04 - Door Installation
27:04 - Trim
30:10 - Shower Tile
33:49 - Tub Door Install
34:32 - Wrap Up

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  1. The Fixer
    The Fixer
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    Hey everyone! If you enjoyed this video, check out the Living Room Remodel Time-Lapse! Thank you all for watching and for your support!

    1. Soledad Anaya
      Soledad Anaya
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      Felicidades. Exelente y maravilloso trabajo 🙌👌

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      Humaira Mujtaba Reviews
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      harrys benz
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      @MOUSUMI BANERJEE call Mamta banerge

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      Please give contact info

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  2. Iman-Ali Beg
    Iman-Ali Beg
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    All I can say is just wow! God knows what the budget for the lady was, but boy did he do a good job on that, he took care of every nook and cranny in that bathroom, its all about Quality for him and not Quantity, Kudos to you matey, I just wish all workmen had the same passion and drive as you have.

  3. بهاء كنك
    بهاء كنك
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    كم بي دائما أتصرف بشكل صحيح

  4. Antonina Cawley
    Antonina Cawley
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    The before was better spaced. A colour change in a room is just as good for a make over.

  5. Victoria Vidana
    Victoria Vidana
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    I'm in love with you and your job...

  6. Qaali Dumar
    Qaali Dumar
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    Great job I love it you are very talented 👏👏👍🏼👍🏼

  7. F L
    F L
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    you're awesome! that bathroom remodel is awesome! thank you

  8. Alexandra Lil
    Alexandra Lil
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    Можно мне такого рукастого мужчинууууу😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Nic Bull
    Nic Bull
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    You do such amazing work…. It’s truly like art

  10. Nic Bull
    Nic Bull
    8 שעות לפני

    You do such amazing work…. It’s truly like art

  11. reza a
    reza a
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    I always wonder why the structures of houses in Europe are made of wood and not of stone and bricks

  12. Support Admin
    Support Admin
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    I love it when a plan comes together.

  13. Yuzun213
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    you the GOAT man (Greatest of all time)

  14. carolyn reynolds
    carolyn reynolds
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    Wow!! I see why you have 4.7M views!! I couldn't stop watching's hypnotic!! You are definitely a one man crew!!

  15. grace moran
    grace moran
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    Amazing! You did a good job👍

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  17. Aitchisonian
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    Should have put one spot light inside the shower and especially above toilet area as it looks quiet dark. Rest, awesome work done. 👍 👍

  18. Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez
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    What would be the best way to learn all this work?

  19. uzma pirkhan
    uzma pirkhan
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    I like how minute details were taken care of.... the work is neat ... good job sir

  20. K Creative
    K Creative
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    Idk if you know this, but this is pretty freaking incredible and extremely impressive. Good job dude

  21. Muhammad Shafiq
    Muhammad Shafiq
    16 שעות לפני

    Dude, may I know what type and code colour that you had painted for the wall bathroom?

  22. Thais reder
    Thais reder
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    Magnífico. Que trabalho lindo! Sou do Brasil Magnificent. What a beautiful job! I'm from Brazil

  23. E Laboy
    E Laboy
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    Where are you located? I need my bathrooms done.

  24. Universality of Remodeling
    Universality of Remodeling
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    Nailed it....Insane

  25. Ron Guy
    Ron Guy
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    Awesome job. I’m thinking about tackling mine….

  26. Debra Eichner
    Debra Eichner
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    Beautiful...but no safety grab bar for elderly or handicapped...I saw 1 removed ..pray it was saved.

  27. Wildflower wind
    Wildflower wind
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    What can't you do? Thanks for telling me I am awesome.

  28. Wildflower wind
    Wildflower wind
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    Amazing. Thanks for video taping everything. I learned a lot. That is so much work and skill. So much knowledge to know how to to do everything. Great job.

  29. Susana De jesus
    Susana De jesus
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  30. Rasul D
    Rasul D
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    ur real fixer

  31. Rottie Rumbles
    Rottie Rumbles
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    Hubby and I did the same thing , completely gutted the bathroom and updated it, we took out doors and walls to make it bigger and better, the difference is night and day and we love it., before the 2 of us couldn't even be where the sink was it was so cramped and the toilet was behind a door that you couldn't open or close if you were on it ( it hit your knees) , now it's spacious , we have 2 sinks and you can move about without hindrance , plus it's so clean and new , feels like a spa.

  32. Soledad Anaya
    Soledad Anaya
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    Maravilloso. Trabajo. 💯. Limpias. También. Felicidades

  33. Bentrell McGee
    Bentrell McGee
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    This was amazing. Great job.

    23 שעות לפני

    It looks clean and the fact that you cleaned every time after each step was so satisfying 👌🏻✨

  35. emir yalçın
    emir yalçın
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  36. badger4873
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    what a difference,well done

  37. Tracy Kelly
    Tracy Kelly
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    Why do such a beautiful job and then leave that ugly outdated tub? Put in a clawfoot or just make it a full shower?

  38. Shadow Beats
    Shadow Beats
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    why do i love watching these

  39. alex posley
    alex posley
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    angry grandpa

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  41. Wasakahaw Mikisu Iskwew
    Wasakahaw Mikisu Iskwew
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    All of that and then I cringed when he put in the glass doors 🙈 they are a nightmare to clean so many little nooks and crannies for water to collect.

  42. Kay scorpion
    Kay scorpion
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    Brilliant job 👏🏼👏🏼 It’s so strange to see some people clicked 👎🏼!!!! Why would you?!!!🤷🏻‍♂️ well anyway,,,, great work pal well done 👍🏼

  43. Marat Shim
    Marat Shim
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    Super professional job

  44. Aditya Kasthuri
    Aditya Kasthuri
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    How many days did it take for you to remodel your bathroom? And nicely done. Looks really nice!! And congrats on rebuilding the bathroom 😁😁

  45. Haha P
    Haha P
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    Why didn’t you change the bathtub? It’s ugly! I would have put in a soaker tub!

  46. Kim Noixel
    Kim Noixel
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    I could watch your videos all day. Your level of skills, are so rare in the remodeling businesses. Thank you for posting and sharing this video with the world. Much love from Denver, CO.

  47. Alex Kojfman
    Alex Kojfman
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    That was awesome! great job and I really loved your shower and how you used the same time for the shelf up top near the shower head!

  48. B Rare
    B Rare
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    About how much did the whole Reno cost as for materials?

  49. Ayaya
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    Woooow such amazing workk

  50. CapeDude
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    Thank how much work went into these bathrooms in the 70s and 80s to build bathrooms that were objectively awful.

  51. Shalaby PharmD
    Shalaby PharmD
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    And he's just a family man. works your typical 9-5 ... figured to do this on his day off lol 😆😂

  52. Name
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    POV: you don’t want to do this yourself you just like to watch

  53. Alejo Pinzás
    Alejo Pinzás
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    Impressive! Would love to work like that!

  54. ViKing
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    Awesome work man. I love that the bathroom size stayed the same. We bought out first house a few months ago and i love upgrading it. And i feel you on the bathroom extension cord lol.

  55. O.D.P
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    They said D.I.Y but what they did are pro

  56. O.D.P
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    Is it common there to not having permanent wall as a partition in the house?

  57. imlynnle
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    A super skill I've ever seen!

  58. AGL Anonym
    AGL Anonym
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  59. Gloria Potchebski
    Gloria Potchebski
    2 ימים לפני

    Hi Fixer. I just watched this remodel of bathroom episode today on ILhistory (6/13/21). You did a great job. I grew up surrounded by cabinet makers, finish carpenters, etc. My dad was a finish carpenter and had his own business for many years. I went with him on jobs when I could and was also his secretary when I was in high school. He did great work. He did many remodels and also finished many houses. Watching you work, it tells me you have a great work ethic and I compliment you for that. I would trust you to do anything in a home of my own. If you can, would you be able to right back and advise me of your training. Are you self-taught or schooled? God bless and stay safe.

  60. Sunrise Yard care & construction LLc.
    Sunrise Yard care & construction LLc.
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    No question at all Look 👀 amazing 🤩

  61. Yanah Kapri
    Yanah Kapri
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    How long did this take you?

  62. Freddy Valenzuela
    Freddy Valenzuela
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    Excelente trabajo, felicitaciones. Saludos desde Santiago, Chile

  63. Danny Torres
    Danny Torres
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    Incredible transformation.

  64. M E
    M E
    2 ימים לפני

    Awesome job. Couple questions: 1) Did you need to level your floor? I've seen houses with floors that were unlevel and didn't think it was worth to fix 2) Why didn't you replace some of the rotten floor boards underneath (the ones you puttied on)? 3) Could you have put in a wider sink that goes right up against the outside window wall? 4) How long did this take in real time and what was the ~ bill of materials cost? 5) For people that are new at these kinds of renovations is there a way for us to start small? I'm thinking to build a deck in my backyard. Figure I can't screw that up too much :))

  65. Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker
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    The sophisticated rule systemically look because point thankfully delight into a narrow earthquake. truthful, private chinese

  66. Reaper RT10
    Reaper RT10
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    Watched your living room demo last night. Very impressed. Loved the bathroom remodel.

  67. Orion Star
    Orion Star
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    As Always I thoroughly your video, everything is awesome, I particularly Love the choice of tiles in the shower area, and the floor. You are absolutely Top. Thank you for video.

  68. asia911
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    Great job. Only complain would be the towel rack right above the toilet. Bacteria particles will propelled all around that area when flushing the toilet with the lid open and I wouldn't put any towel near that area

  69. 1justice2012
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    Amazing work!

  70. nhb
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    Not sure why but watching this is satisfying.

  71. Juliana Desiree
    Juliana Desiree
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    One thing: WOW!!!!

  72. william morse jr
    william morse jr
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    Amazing work! The way you made the tile on the cubby look good without a corner strip was pretty cool.

  73. Zakaria Benaicha
    Zakaria Benaicha
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    i get bored sorry.

  74. Nathalee Clarke
    Nathalee Clarke
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    Also who disliked this like come on this looks amazing 🤩

  75. Nathalee Clarke
    Nathalee Clarke
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    This bathroom looks amazing how long did it take you to do this

  76. Lalo From The Block
    Lalo From The Block
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    So impressive!

  77. Pat Powell
    Pat Powell
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    Just ever so wonderful to watch this transformation! Those are Gifted hands and mind from the Creator ….. a beautiful thing! Would love to have a shower and a bath so we’ll put together….what genius! Thank you for making my morning.💖

  78. RaisedByCats
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    What would it cost to have this done?

  79. Jair ͏
    Jair ͏
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    Nice work bro!!!!

    1. The Fixer
      The Fixer
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      Thank you!

  80. D K.
    D K.
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    Man.. I think I fell in love with you...

  81. Gilda Perez
    Gilda Perez
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    Awsome!!! Beautiful modern clean lines. Love your tiles and walls choice of colors. BEAUTIFUL!!!!.

    1. Gilda Perez
      Gilda Perez
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      Hello from Florida the Sunshine State 🌞😎🍊🍊🐙🐚🐠🐟🐡🦑🦈🦀🦐🌊🌀🏖

  82. Tee Esh
    Tee Esh
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    Love the bath and shower with sliding doors both ways 😍😍😍

  83. Aaron Soto
    Aaron Soto
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    Damn. I really gotta learn how too use that tile leveling system. You make it look easy...

  84. ethanlee
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    how long did this remodel process take tho? impressive and so satisfying to watch!

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    نحو الحسين
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    Wow amazing

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    mar sio
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  87. Matt Cox
    Matt Cox
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    Excellent work. Just two questions. After removing the plumbing stack, why didn’t you relocate the toilet? Like under the window. Toilet bay would then be linen closet. Why did you keep the tub?

  88. Ольга Фёдоровна
    Ольга Фёдоровна
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    Mark Sutphin
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    Did my master bath last year, I'll just say I got through it with no leaks or issues, glad its over, sir you did truly amazing on this bath, the whole package in one small room

  97. D'Nae
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    My eyes got happy @ 26:31 I'm such a fan of the green floor

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  99. Mitikia King
    Mitikia King
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    Great Job!!!! This made me happy like my lil ugly bathroom got remodeled.

  100. Aziz Ibrahim
    Aziz Ibrahim
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    Hi, im wondering how much does it cost you for all this?