60 Day Of They're Lived Build Water Well,Underground Swimming Pool And Underground House Using Wood

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60 Day Of They're Lived Build Water Well,Underground Swimming Pool And Underground House Using Wood


  1. The Survival Wild
    The Survival Wild
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    Watch our Two story Villa Underground ilhistory.info/player/n3mB0bJ1g87asag/wyd-w

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      @นารา วานร and I will be there in about a half hour and you can do it you can get it done before the election and I will be there in about a half hour and a half to look at it tomorrow and see what I can do y

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    чайка старая
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    One question: what is and where is the orange paint that they put on the edges of the water well, are you China or Japan or South Korea? Well, I subscribe, I leave them a like I liked it

  7. GGwP193 ,GOOD GAME
    GGwP193 ,GOOD GAME
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    Какую они используют смесь для покрытия дома?

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    buy a shovel

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    You all really believe this is not planned..? This is 2021, internet, social media, likes, subscriptions and... money. Hellooo

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    de donde sacaron la pintura O: c:

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      no seguro la hicieron ellos >:c

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    Survival Skills
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    Hello. The video is very interesting 👍👍👍👍

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    65 million watch this video and 2 million subscribe??????

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    Wow cool I wish do it

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    he uses a shovel with a silk touch

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    No one is talking about the title?

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    The hell happened with the title?

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    How many of you are going forward with the video to see the final steps?

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    Frank Rizzo
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    What I really want to know is what these place look like after a few months?

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    I like the video name

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    Бля 4 часа утра, зачем я здесь?

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    watch our two story villa underground

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    Mom: go play with the neighbors kid The neighbors kid 😆

    1. Andromeda
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      Mom: sees what he is doing Also mom: go build with the neighbors kid

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    Why you are losing soil

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    nadie absolutasmente nadie ni tu masccotA : cuanto estoi aburrida lo k veO :

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    Full Fake!!!

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    Eu não tenho coragem nem de lavar a louça quanto mais fazer isso 😂😂😂

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    webt from bothing to a full on mini home with a well n a pool, woah

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    Mojang took Minecraft to a whole new level

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    Your mother is an amazing person

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    wow amazing

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    Real life Minecraft amazing build.

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    진짜 ㅈ된다 와

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    It’s so amazing that they didn’t even use any equipment except the digging bar ....

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    আপনার নাম্বারটা কি দেবে

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    And I wake up and my phone is playing this for the first time again in a year

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    primitive survival hot film
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    Русские,кыргызы вы тут?(●_●) (/❤/)

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    Then homeless be like: 👁👄👁

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    Let's take a moment of silence to appreciate their hard work.

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    Imagine that they build a trap door to a underground pool that will be so amazing

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    Omay gat yes☝

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    Mashallah Are sweet

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    Muito legal , adoro os vídeos deles são bem criativos e de bom gosto 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

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    When mom doesn't allow meth in the house.

  72. Jason Monday
    Jason Monday
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    Neat, but can we stop pretending that this is "primitive survival"? Nobody trying to survive in the jungle starts off building a swimming pool (that will fill with bugs and slime in a week), constructing a pimped out clay armchair, transplanting grass for a lawn (that will die an a few days), and all the rest. These guys are artists getting paid to build set pieces for social media channels. They live off advertising revenue. Why pretend otherwise? What they're doing is still really cool.

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    comedy show ke.001
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    solo li italiani che guardano questo video alle 3 di notte hanno diritto di parola.

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    Anyone else think they were going to build a bridge

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    minecraft VR

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    아주 잘! 만드네요!

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    Why do I feel like working on a little cottage like this would be the best sapphic date ever

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    Are these houses in Air B&B? 🤔

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    It’s crazy how they build that 😱😱😱😱

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      no se ingles

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    Why do they do that?

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    25:07 usan pinseles

  88. silvio reyes
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    Qui en tiene pinseles en una selva XD

  89. silvio reyes
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    Apa cuma gw yg orang indo 😭

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    what makes this

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    Con suelo arsilloso así quien sea rápido escarva haber que les toque un terreno con piedras haber si lograrán construir y hacer huecos ☝️😏

    1. Olmer Hidalgo Quispe Soria
      Olmer Hidalgo Quispe Soria
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      @Joel Medina Flores solo es arcilla mezclado con tinta natural de hojas y paja

    2. Joel Medina Flores
      Joel Medina Flores
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      Sabes que es esa cosa que le ponen a la casa

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    Go check @Jelly out

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    this is the only one that ive seen that actually looks like they did it legit

    1. Sweetie.
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    That tool that they use tho 👁️👄👁️

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    Imagine!! suddenly rain falls while they are builting🙂😨

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