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  1. Mohammad Fazil
    Mohammad Fazil
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    Ya Allah her maa baap Ko Haj karana

  2. ZZEZ-4ZS
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    Allah is greatest

  3. Mina Mohabbat Love & Laugh
    Mina Mohabbat Love & Laugh
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    Dear Friend/Readers, *The Shocking Truth has been confirmed* Please kindly spend some time to do your own FULL proper research, Islam is the ONLY TRUE religion from God, The QURAN is the Best Gift for our lives, a True Inspiration, amazing guidance and perfect Way of Life for the entire mankind, regardless of being Pink, Black, White, Brown, Red or Purple :) *ISLAM is proven to be the FASTEST growing religion in the WORLD, based on Conversion rate* this is NOT a myth, these Stats/figures/Numbers have been checked, CONFIRMED, approved and testified by the *Guiness Book Of Records* and BBC (This is a shockingly AMAZING fact) Around the world, EVERYDAY 1000s of people accept Islam, Humans of different race & backgrounds EMBRACE ISLAM & REVERT to the truth daily, in every corner of the world. Have u ever Done Your Own Research? Well, It's ur Lucky Day Today. I'd like to tell you, 1000s of people revert to Islam EVERY DAY. Here are only some of the names of famous people who ACCEPTED ISLAM happily and lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER :) here are only some names, u can GOOGLE each name to make sure its genuine and NOT a False madeup name. Always Rmember all of these Muslim Reverts looked at ALL faiths, they were not blind-folded or forced or shown a knife or gun to come to Islam, they ALL carried out a complete and Thorough Research about All Faiths and chose Islam as They really appreciated what they were getting into a Complete study and researchof all Religious Books and They Chose Islam. You can ALSO see their Testimony Videos on ILhistory, about their reasons why they chose Islam or their Journey to Islam :) 😁 Sister Sara Bokker (Teacher) Terry Holdbrooks (Christian Preacher/Chaplin for U.S Soldiers) Paul Williams (SC) *Abdur Raheem Mcarthy* Shaykh Joe Kelly Hollins Dr Jimmy Jones Br Adam Gillespie Yusuf Chambers Chris Mortimer Dr Laurence Brown Ahmed Nasir (Dutch Christian Preacher) Mutahir Sabree (U.S Chaplin) Dr Jerimiah Sister Jeana Meri Anthony Swamy (Ex-Priest/Reverend) Abdullah Daniel Hernandez Josh Angel Brother Randy (US Army) Adam o'Connell Jamie Turner (British Pastor from Leeds) Eslimah Sister Masturah Stewart MALCOLM X Mike Tyson Mohammad Ali Dave Chapelle Ice Cube (O'Shea Jackson) Jermain Jackson (MJs Brother) Yususf Islam (Cat Stevens) Larry Johnson (NBA player) Everlast QTip Rakim Raekwon Sean Price Shawn Dauvari (Wrestler) Big Daddy Kane Akon KEVIN GATES *Lauren Booth* - Tony Blair's Sis-in-Law ;) Frank Ribery Kristiane Backer Hamza Myatt *Yvonne Ridley* Chauncey Hawkins Lady Zeinab Cobbold *Hamza Yusuf* (Mark Hanson, Renouned Priest) Professor Dr Ingrid Mattson Keith Ellison Dr Laurence Brown Dr Jeffrey Lang Myriam Francois Dr Maurice Bucaille Khalid Yasin - Ex Christian Preacher Bilal Phillips - Christian Preacher Murad Hoffman - Scientist Abdul Haq (English Pro Boxer, formerly known as Yardley Small) Wayne Parnell Hamza Robertson Dj Khalid (We da best man) Lynne Ali Marc Springer Yosuf Cohen (Jewish Rabbi) Chris Blauvelt (ex christian preacher) *Yusuf Estes* (Christian Preacher) Abdul Raheem Green Louise Daville Hakim Lucky Glisa Eskian Allison Stevens *Arnoud Van Doorn* (Dutch Far-Right Anti-Islamic Politician, Also made Anti-Muhamad Films) 😁 *Nicole Queen* Dr Jerald Dirks (Christian Minister) Joshua Yusha Evans - Methodist Preacher Hussian Yee (Buddist Preacher) Alana Blockley Yasmine Murphy Wendy Moss Stuart Wells Amy Hodgkins Paris Amelia Maya Wallace Sinead O'Connor Hamza Tzortzis Shaquile O'Neil Loon Napoleon Keith Ellison Beres Hammond Preacher Moss Danny Williams Flesh n Bone Sonny Bill Williams - Oz Pro Rugby Player Wilhelm Ott (Pro MMA fighter from Austria) *Samuel Scropshire* (Christian Pastor) 👍✌😁 I have *Thousands of other Names* 1000s of more humans who found Islam to be the eternal True Faith, but I'd need more then 100 days to Type all the names on here, But You can do your own research. How many can YOU name who left Islam? Not many, infact, NONE 😁 And don't believe in the "Apostasy Law" as its UNTRUE. I can't remember the last time where ANYONE was confronted or hated/tortured for leaving any Faith. Try to find some spare time, Just type into youtube *My Journey to Islam* and you will see Millions of testimonies from Millions of people who chose Islam is a Way of Life. *Stop Denying the REALITY* Don't get Fooled by the Biased Media & their hateful Narratives. YOU are wise enough to know the truth, Find the Truth YOURSELF. Open your Eyes to see it yourself, LOOK AROUND YOU. ALL these new Muslim Reverts are *LOVING it and will remain Happy ever after* They willl NEVER change back to their old ways. Perhaps, U never knew before? I have informed u now, u have been Made Aware 🤣 I hope u'd be kind enough to do some thorough research about the TRUE Islam. 😁😀 *THANK ME LATER* Cheers Have a Great Day 😁 any Questions? Let me know and I shalll be Happy to help. . . 😀😁 😀.....

    1. Ansh88
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      Fuck islam

  4. Omar Khalifa
    Omar Khalifa
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  5. Solitary confirmed Schizophrenic
    Solitary confirmed Schizophrenic
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    This is a question 🙋🏼‍♀️ not to be offensive.... but because of the earths 🌍 circumference,when praying in the direction of the kabba ,isn’t it possible to about face and have your back facing Mecca 🕋 and still be facing it?🧎🏾................🌍................🧎🏾

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    JazakAllah brother for this video

  7. Bami Mohamed
    Bami Mohamed
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    Masha a Allah

  8. muhammad Amaar
    muhammad Amaar
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    SubhanALLAH mashaALLAH jazakALLAH

  9. مـِٓ\ُـنًٌٍ الـنـاصـريـة
    مـِٓ\ُـنًٌٍ الـنـاصـريـة
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    🌺 mashallah...

  10. EtloXz2
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    احسن مقطع VR شفته في حياتي

  11. Guli Aminova
    Guli Aminova
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  12. حيدر BOS
    حيدر BOS
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  13. Hassan Abanur
    Hassan Abanur
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    You love to see it 😍

  14. M416 HERO
    M416 HERO
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    I love makkah and madina may Allah call me on thier home Ameen🥰🥰🥰

  15. Ahmed Abdelhedi
    Ahmed Abdelhedi
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    مشاءالله احس نفسي عملت العمره من دون ما اروح لماكه اصلا هههه

  16. Jungkook Stan
    Jungkook Stan
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  17. Rana Alhassan
    Rana Alhassan
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    Inshalla I can you with my family to mecca.🤲

  18. VIR Admin
    VIR Admin
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    Muslims from Palestine

  19. M J
    M J
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    Saudi prince Muhammad bin Salman best and honest servent of yahudis world

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    I can rotate the video... By sliding

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    Its amazing....

  22. Melon Master
    Melon Master
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    It was so good until a ad came and it was RAID SHADOW LEGENDS !!!!!

  23. iCODM
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    A question are people from other religion allowed to enter mecca

  24. Omina Ergashova
    Omina Ergashova
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    Хаммамизни оллох уйига бориш насиб килсин

  25. thor regnorak
    thor regnorak
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    I really love to go makah inshallah me and my family goes to makah.

  26. Tahoora Amir
    Tahoora Amir
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  27. much danur
    much danur
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    gua gak punya vr 😭

  28. Muhammad Shafeeque
    Muhammad Shafeeque
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    SubhanAllah labbaik......Allahuwakbar

  29. Dilfuza Zokirova
    Dilfuza Zokirova
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  30. talat fazliji 2005
    talat fazliji 2005
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  31. قِمَر مَأّر ګوِثّر مَأّر 💖
    قِمَر مَأّر ګوِثّر مَأّر 💖
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    ما شاء الله

  32. ماريا خليل /اوتاكو
    ماريا خليل /اوتاكو
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  33. محمد محمد
    محمد محمد
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    الصور و التصوير و الموسيقى و الغناء حرام فمالك من اليوتيوب حرام

  34. Rajkiran Sahu
    Rajkiran Sahu
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    Jai sri Ram 🙂

  35. rose rap
    rose rap
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    ياربيي 💜❤️

  36. Muhammadali Samatov
    Muhammadali Samatov
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    O'z ko'zimiz bilan ko'rish nasib qilsin

  37. Muhammadali Samatov
    Muhammadali Samatov
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    O'z ko'zimiz bilan ko'rish nasib qilsin

  38. Amira Douibi
    Amira Douibi
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    This is the best video I have ever watched wellah ❤❤❤❤

  39. عمرو نمنم
    عمرو نمنم
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  40. Yeliz Tuncel
    Yeliz Tuncel
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    Korona yokmuş bu video çekildiği zaman ne güzel herkes omuz omuza 😔

  41. Abdul Shaikh
    Abdul Shaikh
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    1.(Surah fatiha) protects one from the anger of Allah ❤️ 2.(Surah Yaseen) protects one from the thirsty of the day Judgment ❤️ 3.(Surah waqi'ah) protects one from poverty and starvation ❤️ 4.(Surah mulk) protect one from the punishment of the grave 🪦❤️ 5.(Surah kauthar) protects one from the enmity of the enemy ❤️ 6.(Surah Kafiroon) protects one from kufr at the time of death ❤️ 7.(Surah ikhlas) protects one from hypocrisy ❤️ 8.(Surah falaq) from calamities ❤️ 9.(Surah naas) protects one from evil thoughts ❤️ 10.durood shareef from all your problems Share to all Muslim ❤️👍

  42. رحمه مصطفى
    رحمه مصطفى
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    اجمل شي شفته في حياتي

  43. Yvugug Cguvhchc
    Yvugug Cguvhchc
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    Masha Allah

  44. Насиба Ражабовна
    Насиба Ражабовна
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    Бизага хам насиб қилсин машшаллох

  45. Behzod Solomov
    Behzod Solomov
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    Hammaga nasib qilsin borishlik

  46. Бил Айн
    Бил Айн
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    Оллох Ота Оналармизи хажга жунатищ насб этсин сунгра узмиз борелик иншо Оллох хаммамизга насиб этсин

  47. Manar Amr
    Manar Amr
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    ماشاء الله🖤

  48. Mdlokman Mrslokman
    Mdlokman Mrslokman
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  49. sheikh adham
    sheikh adham
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    Wow what a great work . Thank you so much

  50. Jedo Jedo
    Jedo Jedo
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    الله يرحم هو اجنبي لاكن عادي و مايورين وجه جوزته

  51. Murodilla Karimov
    Murodilla Karimov
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  52. Satya Bhai
    Satya Bhai
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  53. Дилафруз Хожамбердива
    Дилафруз Хожамбердива
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    Rahmat hammaga nasib etsin.

  54. الشمس المشرقة
    الشمس المشرقة
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    ✋🌜 Note : Please read this: 🌛✋ 💗 In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful 💗 📖 Al-Imran:85 📖 🌻 If anyone desire a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah., never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good).😐 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 💡Tafsir al-Jalalayn 💡 📓 The following was revealed regarding those who apostatized and became disbelievers: Whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him and in the Hereafter he shall be among the losers, because he will end up in 🔥the Fire,🔥 made everlasting for him.😢. 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 💞 Surah Al-Burooj 💞 👉 ( V.11 ) - For those who believe and do righteous deeds, will be Gardens; beneath which rivers flow: That is the great Salvation, (the fulfilment of all desires).☺🌷 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 🌅🌅🌷Thank you so much 🌷🌅🌅 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  55. XIV
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    Most of the spelling is wrong.

  56. Khalisa Ghina
    Khalisa Ghina
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    Masyaallah Mekkah 😍😊

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    Masha Allah ❤️❤️👍❤️

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    Buraya tek bir isim birakiyorum ALLAH.

  59. Desi Gamers 1
    Desi Gamers 1
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    इंतजार करते करते रात बीत जायेगी, पता है तुम नहीं आओगे और ये तन्हाई जीत जायेगी !!

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    Gk bisa bahasa Inggris

  61. Tms Jajaj
    Tms Jajaj
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    Ohh woooow

  62. Батыр Сакабаев
    Батыр Сакабаев
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    Allahu akbar

  63. Asad Zahoor
    Asad Zahoor
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  64. Kazi Imon
    Kazi Imon
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  65. Zafarbek Rajabboyov
    Zafarbek Rajabboyov
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    Ма Шаа Аллох барчамизга ва Ота онамга хам зиёрат килиш насиб килсин Амин катта рахмат

  66. Anusiya begam Ummul hansha
    Anusiya begam Ummul hansha
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    Masha allah i love allah and mohamad nabi🕋❣

  67. Alp Syed
    Alp Syed
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    Bhai experience kesa laga?????

  68. Bayzid Hasan
    Bayzid Hasan
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    I love macca ,i love allah, i love mohammad

  69. Saif Alhosani
    Saif Alhosani
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    ماشالله تبارك الرحمن Mashallah ❤️😍

  70. AiHM ATR
    AiHM ATR
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    اول ما دخل كال اكسيسي

  71. Ragini Kashyap
    Ragini Kashyap
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    360 op

  72. یاشار فاخری
    یاشار فاخری
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    Very good

  73. Dikra jk Jeune
    Dikra jk Jeune
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    ماشاء الله 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤

  74. مخاوي الليل
    مخاوي الليل
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    اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد ♥️

  75. Malak beauty
    Malak beauty
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    حلمي اروح مكة دعوة 40 شخص مقبولة أدعوا لي أروح انا و امي 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    1. سنع LRX
      سنع LRX
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      انشاء الله 😍

  76. Chahat Kajal
    Chahat Kajal
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    SubhanAllah Alhamdulillah MashaAllah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  77. Parthsinh Rajput
    Parthsinh Rajput
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    Om namah shivay 🙏

  78. Kamola Soqieva
    Kamola Soqieva
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    Shuni chiqargandan olloh rozi bolsin

  79. Kamola Soqieva
    Kamola Soqieva
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    Mashallah hammamizaga nasib qilsin omin

  80. مودس mods
    مودس mods
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    السلام عليكم

    6 ימים לפני


  82. Amira Alami
    Amira Alami
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    Ma cha allah

  83. Я ТАДЖИК Спокойный
    Я ТАДЖИК Спокойный
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  84. جلد ff
    جلد ff
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    اشهد ان لا لله إلا الله ومحمدا رسول الله

  85. جلد ff
    جلد ff
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    الله اكبر ❤️

  86. Erkinoy Yuldasheva
    Erkinoy Yuldasheva
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    Алхамдулиллах, рахмат. ХАЖ ЗИЁРАТИ БАРЧАМИЗГА НАСИБ ЭТСИН.

  87. Noxima Ahmedova
    Noxima Ahmedova
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    Ma Sha Allah

  88. mohsina Parveen
    mohsina Parveen
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    سيف طالب
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  90. Safiya Rasheed
    Safiya Rasheed
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    ALLAH hm sb ko b hajj naseeb kre qubuuliyt wala🤲😭

  91. Tera bhai FF GAMER
    Tera bhai FF GAMER
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  92. Korona Vairus
    Korona Vairus
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    اول مرة اشوف الكعبة في هذا 😍

  93. Aniket Mundhe
    Aniket Mundhe
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    Fuck off

  94. moin khan
    moin khan
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    Subah Allah🤲🤲🤲👍❤️❤️

  95. Syed Mohammed Muhsin
    Syed Mohammed Muhsin
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    Masha allah

  96. Imran AM
    Imran AM
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    Masha Allah. May Allah reward you. And It would be better if you'd not add music.

  97. Recette Régime
    Recette Régime
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    Waaw choquée

  98. Amusant LY
    Amusant LY
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    اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين اللهم امين يارب العالمين

  99. Razob Khan
    Razob Khan
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  100. Razob Khan
    Razob Khan
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    Mas allah🕋🌃🌆