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  1. Vicki Dorn
    Vicki Dorn
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    77# why women live longer than men

  2. Shravya Shukla
    Shravya Shukla
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    Imagine just wasting so much food when you can just eat the cake except throwing it on someone's face

  3. Ayechan Moemyat
    Ayechan Moemyat
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    Haha m..

  4. kikontet
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    Hey its not good dont hit a old people

  5. RP Creation
    RP Creation
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  6. 정호세
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    할아버지 불쌍

  7. Le Thinh
    Le Thinh
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  8. Alex Mendez
    Alex Mendez
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  9. Sanjay Vasava
    Sanjay Vasava
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  10. Mariano Goiti
    Mariano Goiti
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    Noooooo. Not. Kayke

  11. shanks friw
    shanks friw
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  12. Пукон Пуконов
    Пукон Пуконов
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    Ты че на деду какашку в лицу Аллах тебя НАКАЖЕТ за такую ишру

  13. Dhapa Devi
    Dhapa Devi
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  14. Shyamal Poddar
    Shyamal Poddar
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    So cute😍😍

  15. Jammie Oger
    Jammie Oger
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    The way they react and they sounded like 2 if they didn’t get the toy or something they wanted😂😂😂

  16. Aswin k.s
    Aswin k.s
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    I thought that he was going to hit his head with the laptop.

  17. Dimitrius Vladimir Dharma
    Dimitrius Vladimir Dharma
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    Poor old mans

  18. Sandesh Limbu
    Sandesh Limbu
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    At that onion glass when he put the ball the last alphabate was OP but how it can be onion

  19. exo& bts
    exo& bts
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    No 😤😤❌💫💫💫

  20. Danger Bear
    Danger Bear
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    They look like mad

  21. Ninja👊🎧
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    Yes nooo....

  22. Gustavo Silva
    Gustavo Silva
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  23. Được Nguyễn
    Được Nguyễn
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  24. Shisui Azora
    Shisui Azora
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    Rip in advance 👍

  25. 1/1
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    I love old people, so wise☺☺☺

  26. Charli Hernandez
    Charli Hernandez
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  27. Mia Geibel
    Mia Geibel
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    😅 haha nice

  28. Tj Escobar
    Tj Escobar
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    Jajaja 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Alicia Motley
    Alicia Motley
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    Yo dad sound like a chicken

  30. Adam Stiles
    Adam Stiles
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    Ha ha ha ha ha

  31. नारायण परब
    नारायण परब
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  32. ORAWOX Gamer
    ORAWOX Gamer
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    Cring family

  33. Dorit Gast
    Dorit Gast
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  34. Nafisa Hamza
    Nafisa Hamza
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    TBH I dont think that one was onion because the ending letters were OP

      יום לפני

      Yes I also noticed that

  35. Sufyan Ali
    Sufyan Ali
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  36. Abdellah Abdee
    Abdellah Abdee
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    Kasian tau yiksa orang tua

  37. Mama Masriah
    Mama Masriah
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    Makannya jangan mainn itu

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    Tik tok cringe is here

  39. es ermoso es adirableu
    es ermoso es adirableu
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    yessss ou no ou no ouno no no no ou no ouno ou no no no no

  40. Sara Desire
    Sara Desire
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  41. Kathy Rahaman
    Kathy Rahaman
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    The way they reacted when they got the ball in the cup and then seeing what they get some where mad

    1. Jean Ocay
      Jean Ocay
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    2. Ervelanes Fernandes
      Ervelanes Fernandes
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  42. sreethik krishnan
    sreethik krishnan
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    The first one is clearly ended in "o" it could not be cake

  43. sreethik krishnan
    sreethik krishnan
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    The last one ended in op it couldn't be a onion

  44. Peter Haas
    Peter Haas
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    Hahaha .

  45. Saska Cicill
    Saska Cicill
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    Pls more

  46. m Only Fu n Nothing Else!
    m Only Fu n Nothing Else!
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    First two awwwwww

  47. 4822 Anant Gupta
    4822 Anant Gupta
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    Abe saale india me onion ko ek baar me khaa jate hai aur tum ise punishment kehte ho

  48. Jasmine kalhoro
    Jasmine kalhoro
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  49. Ashraf Mahmoud
    Ashraf Mahmoud
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  50. Vib1ng
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  51. Savage mushRoom
    Savage mushRoom
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    A onion is not that bad bro

  52. Zool Mia
    Zool Mia
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  53. Jaleel Sace
    Jaleel Sace
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    Dont play with food

  54. Amazon Office
    Amazon Office
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    Oooo what a cute sound

  55. Anupama Sudarshani
    Anupama Sudarshani
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    I like it

  56. AlexKnight
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  57. Deneuve Danvers
    Deneuve Danvers
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    Ya'll better be doin this with their consent now, otherwise you can see yourself living 10+ years behind bars .

  58. Hằng Đinh
    Hằng Đinh
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  59. もゆ
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  60. Finnosita Faustine
    Finnosita Faustine
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  61. ChaeLisa BLACKPINK
    ChaeLisa BLACKPINK
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    Ohh god take me back when tik tok was just a song a people dint shove food on their parents/grandparents

  62. محمد علي
    محمد علي
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  63. Lumina Pg3d
    Lumina Pg3d
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    I luv onions...

  64. 어-피치♡
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    할아버지 불쌍해....ㅜ

    1. Santosh uppal
      Santosh uppal
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  65. Olly Ward
    Olly Ward
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    Morgz: the sequel

  66. Ridwan cooll
    Ridwan cooll
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  67. Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar
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    Wtf is even this

  68. Gogam Lakshmi
    Gogam Lakshmi
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    Bloody fool

  69. Camillea McClean
    Camillea McClean
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    I like how do you say yes and then they say no hahaha 🤣

  70. Ranjeet Samana
    Ranjeet Samana
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  71. Kg Gaming
    Kg Gaming
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  72. Mike Cabato
    Mike Cabato
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  73. Mike Cabato
    Mike Cabato
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  74. Mike Cabato
    Mike Cabato
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  75. Margarita García
    Margarita García
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    Jajaja jajaja

  76. bappaditya bhattacharya
    bappaditya bhattacharya
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    Garbage. Why do these vids pop up in suggestions.

  77. Beronica Simbaña
    Beronica Simbaña
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  78. pinakin panchal
    pinakin panchal
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    That was so not a laptop it’s a surface I gave two of them

  79. 123
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    THIS IS TRASH🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤬🤬🤬

  80. Gezzo_Gaming
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    Woody and Kliney rip off???

  81. Ruby Canoy
    Ruby Canoy
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    POV: This is the first English comment on this video

  82. ألَّتُّمُّيٌّمُّيٌّ
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    الحمدالله على نعمه الاسلام

  83. Dewi Aulia
    Dewi Aulia
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    Yang kedua nya beruntung dapat leptop😮😮😮😮

  84. アズマオウ
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  85. Vima
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    あ、ケーキってそういう意味か… ( ˙꒳​˙ )フムフム…

  86. Kurt Michael
    Kurt Michael
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    I feel a little bad for them

  87. Jie Hardwork
    Jie Hardwork
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    To eazy

  88. Kinshu Garg
    Kinshu Garg
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    The first start with o letter.couldn't have been cake

  89. Laeth Laeth2014
    Laeth Laeth2014
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  90. zack jamil
    zack jamil
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    Guys sorry I late for a chat UwU

  91. king gaming
    king gaming
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    I have 2 laptop

  92. فهد منهل محمد
    فهد منهل محمد
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    ههههه ههههه😂🤣

  93. Abhie Bazan
    Abhie Bazan
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  94. naruto uzumaki
    naruto uzumaki
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    Por cada dia que pasa el apocalipsis se vuelve una esperanza y no una desgracia

  95. Cobra Gaming
    Cobra Gaming
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    Dont weast food

  96. Gisela Veliz
    Gisela Veliz
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  97. Gisela Veliz
    Gisela Veliz
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  98. Gisela Veliz
    Gisela Veliz
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  99. Santiago lince Aviles
    Santiago lince Aviles
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  100. PB IS HERE
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    50 repay cut of overacting