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  1. lyka joy de jesus
    lyka joy de jesus
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    1010 👍👍😂

  2. Shane Skidmore
    Shane Skidmore
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  3. Nicholas Lopez
    Nicholas Lopez
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    Never too old

  4. Neha Gupta
    Neha Gupta
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  5. Migel cortez
    Migel cortez
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    🤣 it was funny

  6. Irene Owusu
    Irene Owusu
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    They posted on my bd yay

  7. ha2x2er
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  8. Jessica Reeves
    Jessica Reeves
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    Does not kids because kids will probably a pay that

  9. Aisha and Itza
    Aisha and Itza
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    When he was pertending to drive a car was cute

  10. Marcel Stegarii
    Marcel Stegarii
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    🤣🤣🤣 this guy's is so funny

  11. Fella Abraz
    Fella Abraz
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    You are very cute.....I love you. 😘😘😘😇😇😇🥰🥰🤣🤣🤣

  12. Angel Alvarez colunche
    Angel Alvarez colunche
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    Como lo ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅

  13. mavie and lynnes squad
    mavie and lynnes squad
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  14. prencess Marina
    prencess Marina
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    🤣🤣so funny 🤣🤣

  15. MiKaiL
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    Do you want 4 for the night and the rest of the yeagers lego and the rest in the morning if you want me to ring you at

  16. Ruby Field
    Ruby Field
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    I like burgers

  17. Harleaster
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    These guys always make my day better 🙂

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    I'd like to take one of those speakers

  19. Harleaster
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    I'll take a big mac

  20. crystina dana
    crystina dana
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  21. Ela Morissey
    Ela Morissey
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    That was hilarious 😂 McDonald’s honestly was laughing my ass off

  22. Ava Perez
    Ava Perez
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    I love the way he pretends to drive like that noise is on point tho LOL 😆

    1. MiKaiL
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      Papago and a couple of other people who have been

  23. DriftedKujo
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    Hey bruv can i have a number 9 a number 9 too number nine large extra dip and a large soda...

  24. Lilly Boston
    Lilly Boston
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    I would like a chosen burger

  25. Merab Tskrialashvili
    Merab Tskrialashvili
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    your dad and her brother are funny and cute❤❤❤

  26. Nermeen Habeb
    Nermeen Habeb
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  27. Luke Red
    Luke Red
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    Yeah, can I get uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh... Sausage Sammy

  28. olsson5592
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    Follow me😄

  29. Muhammet Efe Kıyar
    Muhammet Efe Kıyar
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  30. Ava
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  31. sarah thompson
    sarah thompson
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaassaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaa

  32. sarah thompson
    sarah thompson
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    I am bursting with laughter lol

  33. maria morelos
    maria morelos
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    Ok where exactly is this mcdonald's i need to go there and give 5 star for that drive thru 😂

  34. Thiccc Spongebob
    Thiccc Spongebob
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    I affiscally love these guys sooo much

    1. Melissa Jarnigan
      Melissa Jarnigan
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      You mean officially?

  35. Kidfury Gaming skylanders & fortnite
    Kidfury Gaming skylanders & fortnite
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    Macdonalds is still open online I think

  36. Sean Butler
    Sean Butler
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    Ha ha

  37. Magdalena Aaleera
    Magdalena Aaleera
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    Very funny

  38. ArminPlayz
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    Bruh its outside there house

    1. april king
      april king
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      Yeah just playing me Donald’( I would like there shamrock drink u-u)

    2. Happy Clara
      Happy Clara
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      They are PLAYING McDonald's They are not just going to buy a drivethrough

    3. Happy Clara
      Happy Clara
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      Everyone knows

  39. Gregg Hall
    Gregg Hall
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    Reposting shit videos again I see 😂

  40. Mk Gaming
    Mk Gaming
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  41. Callum Stevenson
    Callum Stevenson
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    I like a Big Mac burger and chips and Coke phase

    1. Gelila Taye
      Gelila Taye
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      Here u go 10 dollars plwease

  42. Karson Hague
    Karson Hague
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  43. Singsonglala
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    LOL 😂

  44. Matty_1YT
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    8th comment!

  45. Nail Akyol
    Nail Akyol
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  46. Antony Morris
    Antony Morris
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    First XD hi Jamie in 1st again 5th timeeeee

  47. Carlien Emmie
    Carlien Emmie
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  48. sam a
    sam a
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  49. Pixelberry AH
    Pixelberry AH
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    ayo what

  50. Aaron Colton
    Aaron Colton
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    Haha lol

  51. Da hood ashley -Roblox
    Da hood ashley -Roblox
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